Scott Koester wrote:
>on the TSR site, you will see a release from WoTC that states what they
>think about each current gaming line. For Birthright they said that the
>idea of it was very interesting, but that sales were weak. They will be
>trying some things in the second half of the year to build up the line,
>if they don't work they will let the line slip into hiatus and consider
>relaunch at some later date. So, we who love the campaign should do our
>best to make sure this doesn't happen!! :) Just some FYI.....

You're right that we should do our best. In fact, Sunday I marched right
back to that store and picked up PS of Endier, Baruk-Azhik, and
Stjordvik. I then waved them in front of some of my player's eyes (which nearly
popped out when they saw some of the really great stuff in those). While
they were hypnotised, I then said, "but I like these too much; you'll have
to get your own". I'm certain they're making a bee-line to the store as I

I have been using the PS books in my campaign, but I have started up
with a brand new bunch of player's (who don't own the entire line yet), and
they all think these books are wonderful. Also, if any of you play Dwarf
characters or DM them, I recommend the PSofBaruk-Azhik as indispendible.
It will even show you modified rules to generate finances for the
fabulously wealthy kingdom (and I imagine this goes for the other Dwarf kingdoms as

Dustin Evermore