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The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn

The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn

by Morten Helles

The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn (IHH), also known as the Heart, is one of the newer Orders of
Haelyn as it predates Roesone's creation by only a few centuries. Although worship of Haelyn has
been present in most provinces along the southern coast of Anuire since the Battle at Mount
Deismaar, it was not until the year 305 MR that a large group of worshippers from the Orthodox
Temple of Haelyn left the Diemed city of Aerele, and travelled to the Free City of Ilien just
as it came under the control of the fair and just Lehoene Aglondier, the first wizard regent of
Ilien. He granted the Haelyn newcomers part of the land in the expanding Common Ward of the
city, and in 307 MR the first shrine to Haelyn was built soon to be followed by shrines and
temples throughout the thinly populated provinces of eastern Diemed, the lands now known as
Roesone. The people there accepted the encouraging faith gladly after several years of fighting,
including the wars against both Ghoere and Aerenwe in 96-270 MR, and the emerging goblin host in
299 MR. Eastern Diemed's desolation was dark indeed, but eventually the proud people here carved
out a life of their own, and founded a scattering of villages, freeholds, and bands of outlaws.
In Ilien, however, the Heart was forced to fight the Orthodox Temple of Haelyn, based in
western Diemed, as they attempted to hamper the expansion of the new, small order, and despite
the financial aid offered by the regent of Ilien, the Heart couldn't free itself from the iron
grip of the Orthodoxs.
But in eastern Diemed, the Heart prospered. Even today, priests of the IHH boast stories of
how they helped the citizens of these lands wipe out the goblins, and later throw off the
yoke of Diemed's rule assisting the bandit lord Daen Roesone and his descendents. This was a
golden age for the temple as they, with the blessings of the Black Barons who ruled the land,
gained a firm hold on Roesone's spiritual life. The IHH's success in Roesone culminated when
Teried Roesone in 546 MR officially declared the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn the state faith in
the barony.
In Ilien, the Orthodoxs tight grip on the Heart weakened as the faith of Rournil crept into
the provinces now known as Medoere, and effectively removed the Orthodox Temple from central
Diemed. The Heart quickly destroyed all holdings left by the Orthodoxs in both Ilien and
Roesone. The temple flourished in Ilien in the coming years, culminating when the order in 544
MR single-handedly cured a terrible plague harrassing the Free City, and the wizard regent
Moeran Aglondier granted the Heart a place in the Castle Ward, where a great cathedral was built
in honour of Haelyn the Lawmaker.
In recent years, the order has expanded into Osoerde wishing to help the citizens there throw
off the evil and unrightful ruler Duke Jaison Raenech just as the temple once helped Baron Daen
Roesone carve out his kingdom from Diemed.

Enemies and allies
Because of the IHH's expansion in the recent decades, the temple has gained many enemies as
well as several strong allies. The Heart holds emnity towards the Orthodox Temple of Diemed for
it's continued attempts to control or destroy the temple's holdings in Ilien and western
Not too long ago, Rournil's Celestial Spell (RCS) expanded into Caercas, angering the Haelyn
priests residing there. However, as the High Priest of Medoere had grown strong over the years,
the IHH decided not to retaliate as this might lead to a devastating holy war. The Heart is
definitely not happy with RCS's presence in Proudglaive though, and plans a counterattack to
reclaim the lost holdings as soon as the High Priest of Rournil shows any kind of weakness. The
Heart respects RCS, however, for helping the Diemed of Old's central and eastern lands be freed
from the Orthodoxs.
The last enemy of the IHH is the Eastern Temple of Neserie (ETN), who was allowed to
established temple holdings in Ilien because of the advisor, and later regent, Rogr Aglondier's
family relationship with one of the orders leading members. The Heart is pressing the ETN hard
as it considers Ilien it's territory and therefore want to control all province holdings there.
No direct attacks on the ETN has been reported as of late, partly because the Heart must respect
Neserie as the wife of Haelyn, and that she therefore should be allowed to stand at his side.
Not all priests in the IHH agree with this, however, and rumor has it that the current High
Prefect is planning a Holy Crusade against the ETN's main temple holdings in Aerenwe.
The Impregnable Heart maintains good relations with the regents of the surrounding areas,
especially the Black Baron of Roesone and the High Imperator Wincae Raehech of the Church of
Storm's Height in Osoerde. The latter ally might come as a surprise as Wincae Raehech is a
young cousin to the much hated Jaison Raenech. To the Heart, however, the High Imperator seems
to share only his older cousin's courage and longing for battle, and not his cruel and unjust

As the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn has grown in size, it has become neccessary to develop a
formal and structured priestly hierarchy. It is was invented by the High Prefect Solodin in the
year 462 MR.
Prefect, High (unique, level 10+)
Prefect, Sword (unique, level 9+)
Prefect, Shield (unique, level 8+)
Prefect, Radiant (level 7+)
Prefect, Sun (level 6)
Prefect, Wind (level 5)
Prefect (level 3-4)
Frior (level 1-2)
Holy Assistent (level 0)
A noble priest is preceeded by Lord, e.g. Lord Prefect.

Priests of Haelyn are placed thoughout the IHH temple holdings. Their main task is to
evaluate how the local lord is doing. The priests are responsible for (1) the welfare of the
people and (2) to report any events of significance to the High Prefect.
A province regent (ruler of a domain) is mirrored by a priest of a level approx. equal to
the number of holdings the IHH controls in the domain, i.e. the Baron of Roesone is mirrored by
a priest of 7th level as the IHH controls 7 holdings in Roesone. Inside the IHH, this post earns
the priest the same title as the regent preceeded by Holy, e.g. Holy Baron.
A count (ruler of a province) is mirrored by a priest whose level approx. equals the IHH
temple holding level in the province. This post earns the priest the title of Holy Count.
A mayor is mirrored by a priest whose level depends on the size of the city as follows:
< 100 citizens => level 0 human
< 500 citizens => level 1 priest
< 2000 citizens => level 2 priest
< 5000 citizens => level 3 priest
< 10000 citizens => level 4 priest
> 10000 citizens => level 5+ priest.
This post earns the priest the title of Holy Mayor.
Each shrine is maintained by a level 0 human. This earns him, or her, the title of Shrine

To congratulate, and encourgage, deeds and services in the name of Haelyn, the Heart has
copied, and slightly changed, the medal system of the Orthodox Temple of Haelyn in Diemed.

Medal of War
Attainable by: Soldiers in the service of the IHH.
What to-do: Survive a war.
Benefits: None, but two of these medals may advance the soldier to sergeant status.
Given by: A soldier of sergeant or higher status.

Medal of Bravery
Attainable by: Soldiers in the service of the IHH.
What to-do: An individual feat of bravery.
Benefits: None, but respect.
Given by: An IHH lieutenant or Prefect.

Medal of Knighthood
Attainable by: Soldiers in the service of the IHH.
What to-do: Aquire a War and a Bravery medal
Benefits: Higher salary, a house upon retirement.
Given by: An IHH lieutenant or Prefect.

Medal of Haelyn
Attainable by: Everybody can earn this medal, but typically priests or paladins.
What to-do: Helping the IHH in some special way.
Benefits: Payed living expenses for five years (max 1000 gp).
Given by: An IHH lieutenant or the High Prefect.

Medal of Honour
Attainable by: Everybody can earn this medal.
What to-do: Helping the IHH in some special way.
Benefits: A title depending on the deed.
Given by: An IHH lieutenant or the High Prefect.

Medal of Justice
Attainable by: Knights and paladins.
What to-do: Knights must accomplish something special. Paladins of Haelyn gain this medal
Benefits: Judge and execute justice as seen fit (to non-titled individuals only).
Given by: The High Prefect or an owner of the High Justice medal.

Medal of High Justice
Attainable by: Paladins and priests.
What to-do: Be a very special person to the High Prefect.
Benefits: Judge and execute justice as seen fit (to everybody).
Given by: The High Prefect.

Tongues of Haelyn
The Tongues of Haelyn is a secret spy order with the purpose of spreading and gathering
rumors. Although the order's members are allowed and encouraged to travel throughout Cerilia,
most of their activity is concentrated in southern Anuire.

Current High Prefect
The current High Prefect is Hubaere Armiendin, the man who made the IHH the great and proud
order of Haelyn that it is today. He has accomplished much for the order, including signing
the pact with the Black Baron in 544 MR declaring the IHH the official faith in the barony,
organizing the cure against the terrible plague that ravaged Ilien in 546 MR, sponsoring the
construction of the Great Cathedral of Haelyn in Ilien, and acting as chief commander of the
recent push of the Heart into Osoerde.
Hubaere Armiendin is a strongly blooded noble of the Armiendin family residing in Ilien. He
was born into the IHH by family tradition, and at an early age, after a long and happy youth
chasing young good-looking female priest assistants, his father decided to put an end to all
this goofing around by sending his son to the very tightly disciplined Abbey of the True Heart
in Edlin, Roesone. His younger brother and sister were soon too follow. In his many years at the
Abbey, Hubaere learned of the harshness of the world, and of the power of Haelyn, the Ruler of
the Gods. He quickly rose in ranks, and in 523 MR, at an age of only 23, he become one of the
stern monks himself.
On a diplomatic trip to Ilien in 529 MR, however, he fell hopelessly in love with a local
merchant's daughter and, regardless of his father urging him toward a promising career in the
Abbey and warnings not to pollute the proud family bloodline, he decided to stay in Ilien with
his newfound love. Hubaere left the Order of the Abbey and applied for a job as teacher at the
IHH headquaters in Ilien, and although he did get the job, he was surprised by the undisciplined
apparatus of the High Prefect. Surrounded by incompetence he quickly advanced until the High
Prefect, perhaps fearful of this young upstart, demanded he be sent to faraway Bellam, and do
some teaching there.
Although quite upset about this, Hubaere obediently did as he was told and moved with his
wife and young child to a small shrine in Bellam. By his great rhetoric abilities he managed to
convert the bellams fully to the IHH, and he continued into Osoerde in his quest for the
enlightenment of the Anuirans to the true teachings of Haelyn. In the Osoerde province of
Ghalliere his wife bore yet another child.
Armiendin grew much in power during the years of conquest in northeastern Roesone and western
Osoerde, and, as by favor of Haelyn, the current High Prefect suddenly retired because of
illness leaving Armiendin and three other leading priests of the IHH as the main candidates for
the High Prefect title. The three rival priests planned for the "accidentel" death of Armiendin,
but the hired assassin died an agonizing death as he was struck by massive column of fire
roaring down from the heavens. Armiendin headed for Ilien, and as he rightfully demanded the
right for regency be decided by personal combat, the three rival priests immediately withdrew
their claims on the precious title. In 538 MR Armiendin assumed the title of High Prefect of the
IHH, and began his long quest towards putting an end to the corruption in the order, the
regaining of it's lost honour, and the temple's further expansion.
High Prefect Armiendin himself is a large and, although stern, a quite friendly man, ever
keen on expanding his temple's holdings throughout Anuire. He believes the Anuireans in the
neighbouring nations have been mislead by either non-Anuirean gods, or wrongful teachings of
Haelyn. He is firmly convinced the people of these lands will, as they have so far, convert to
the IHH when shown the just and wise rule of it's leader and patron.

Hubaere Armiendin, High Prefect of the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn
MA; Pr11, Haelyn; An, major, 27; LG; age 51
Str 14, Dex 11, Con 11, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 15 (adj. for age)
Blood abilities:
Battlewise (major)
Courage (major)
Resistance (minor)
Non-weapon proficiencies (11th level priest: 7) + (int16: 5): 12

Unlike many of Haelyn's other temples, the IHH has stayed fairly moderate, acknowledging the
need for other faiths. Countering this attitude is this temple's need to expand. The High
Prefect will probably use the expansions of Rournil's Celestial Spell (RCS) and the Eastern
Temple of Neserie (ETN) into IHH territory as an excuse for a Holy War against them.
Below are some suggestions as of the IHH's main objectives:

Wipe RCS out of Caercas and fortify all temple holdings near the Medoere border.
Drive the ETN out of Ilien, and encourage Baron Roesone to a Holy War against Aerenwe
(pulling this off definitely requires some good intrigue and diplomacy by the High Prefect
but it is not, or should not be, impossible).
Ally strongly with the High Imperator of the Church of Storm's Height in Osoerde against
the ETN in Aerenwe.
Wreck as much havoc as possible in the Orthodox Temple of Haelyn in Diemed.
Maintain good relations towards the regents of neighbouring domains. Consider the
possibilities of vassalage.

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A Lecture by High Prefect Armiendin on Temple Strategies

A Lecture by High Prefect Armiendin on Temple Strategies

by Morten Helles

Good evening friends, faithful of Haelyn, ...

[A loud cheer rises from the Knights of Haelyn standing guard near the walls. Armiendin
silences them with a smile and a wave of his right hand.]

... fellow priests, and elders of various nations and beliefs thoughtout the lands of Anuire.
I welcome you all to this lecture on Temple Strategies. It pleases me to see our proud and noble
Great Cathedral of Haelyn here in Ilien filled with Anuireans, seeking...

[A Khinasi in the back clears his throat, and a group of five Rjuriks rise to their feet and
begin to bash their shields together quite loudly. The Knights of Haelyn shift uneasily and look
toward Armiendin for orders.]

... filled with people from all over Cerilia, seeking the wisdom of Haelyn as it was taught
to me by the disciplined and most faithful monks at the Abbey of the True Heart in Edlin,
Roesone. As you all probably know, I spent most of my youth there, and ...

[Armiendin pauses as he scans the crowd, and finding the one he looks for, he continues...]

... and I wish to extend my thanks to the Monk of the Winds, Gladiere Illion, for these very
instructive years, and for being here today.

[Everybody in the cathedral turns to look at Monk Illion, who (quite redfaced by now) smiles,
and waves his hand.]

Now listen, friends of both near and far kingdoms, listen to the wisdom of Haelyn and take
heed of his teachings and advices on temple strategies.

[A man, clad in white and blue robes, spits on the floor, and then yells: "Bah, the wisdom of
your weak god can't compare to the strength of our Ice Lady and Lord of Strife. In Vosgaard we
know how to deal with other religions and that is by the way of the sword. Hear me, fellow
priests and elders, I ...". Armiendin points a finger at the Vos and shouts: "Silence, minion of
Azrai! Creep back into the blasted wastelands of the heretic Vos whence you came, and be thankful
that the kindness of Haelyn commands me not to slay you where you stand!" As the Vos try to
retaliate he find himself silenced, and although he try to speak, no words come forward. Then
two Knights of Haelyn grap the offender and drag him out of the cathedral. A priest of Haelyn's
Aegis, tired of standing, happily take the now vacant seat. Armiendin mumbles something, then
scans the crowd intensively.]

I trust no more offenders of Anuire are present? If so, I bid them leave this holy cathedral
of the Lawmaker immediately, or feel my wrath upon discovery.

[Armiendin stare long and hard at two priests, both clad in the black and green robes of
Eloéle. Looking fearfully around at the many eyes upon them, they whisper something among
themselves, then hurriedly leave the church.]

Now, let us continue this lecture. As I was taught at the Abbey in Edlin, the basic needs of
any church, faith and order are but three: The need to satisfy the god of the order, the need of
true leadership, and the need to expand. Let us look upon each of these needs, also called the
The Three Laws of Temple Politics.

First, and foremost, is the need to satisfy the god of the order. This might seem obvious,
but far too often do I hear of an order that comprimises the teachings of it's god with their
own petty greed and desires for power. Take, for example, the powerful Western Imperial Temple
of Haelyn.

[This said, an elder rises to feet and hold up his fist. Before he could speak, however,
the angry fire in Armiendin's eyes forces him to sit and be silent.]

As you all know the Western Imperial Temple is one of the most, some would say the most,
powerful order in all of Anuire, perhaps in all of Cerilia. It is therefore with great sadness,
I witness how this order claims the allegiance of the Prince of Avanil, and do his biddings
before those of Haelyn. The Temple, as a political entity, has indeed prospered and expanded by
this, but in the eyes of Haelyn and his other orders in Anuire, they are a disgrace, not only to
Lord Haelyn, but also to the Empire and the long line of emperors known for their respect and
devotion to the Lord of Noble War.

So, to remain true to your god is not an easy task, especially when all the power you hold
over thousands of commoners and faithful begs you to use and exploit it. I warn you, do not
disgrace your order with greed. Because if you do, you shall surely feel the anger of both your
god and fellow priests!


The second need of any order is the need for a strong leader. And by strong I do not mean
physically strength, but strength in spirit and faith. A strong leader should be blessed by his
god, wield his power, and be his sword and soul in this world of mortals. Too many leaders of
the proud temples of Anuire are not worthy of their high station, and should be replaced by
people with true faith. And naturally, they should be scions of the ancient bloodlines and
command the might of the Old Gods. Because blessed is he, who walks in this world carrying
both the power of his own god, and the power of one of the Dead Ones. But take heed, when you
choose your leader. He should be a man ready to accept both rewards and punishments for his
actions as judged by his god, fellow priests, and other faithful.

The last need of any order is it's need to expand it's holdings and increase it's power. This
need should not be born out of greed, but rather be a strong conviction of the temple's elders
that both kingdom and god can benefit from it's expansion. As priest regents we have a strong
responsibility to the faithful of our order as they are the backbone of our temple's power and
might, and therefore should be treated with respect and kindness, and be protected from the
evils around them. But your god also need to expand as his power waxes and wanes as his number
of followers in Cerilia increases and decreases. As your god grants you power, so shall you
repay him by promoting his ideals through the teachings of your order.


Now that you know the basic needs of any religious order, you are ready to understand the
complexities involved in temple politics. Hear me now as I enlighten you with the wise teachings
of Haelyn known in my order as Three Rules of Temple Politics.

The first rule says: Establish, and maintain, a temple base. And I might add: Watch your base
like a dwarf watches his gold. Do not spread the teachings of your order too far as that will
thin the intensity of your faithful and greatly reduce the power of your realm spells. I say,
establish a base for your order, be it as small as a province, or as large as a barony, or even
a kingdom, and then win over the large majority of the souls living there. This base will
provide you with much power as the people attend, and give donations to, your churches and
temples, and worship your god. Use the power of both your patron and your faithful well and with
respect, and you shall heighten the glory of your order.

In the name of Haelyn, I have won the loyalty of the barons of Roesone, and they have, in
their wisdom, honoured my order by declaring the Impregnable Heart the official faith in all
their lands. So, Roesone is my base, and damned by he who dares contest my power here.

The second rule: Strive for, and maintain, internal stability. As an order grows, so does the
internal struggle feed on the greed and envy of high ranking priests and officials. They covet
the power of the temple, and seek to destroy you or to sully your name and deeds. Let down your
fury upon these minions of evil, and terminate their doings before they can harm the stability
of your church. Because if their greed and hatred of you as temple regent spread across your
domain, you shall soon witness the downfall of everything you have built as corruption and foul
people seize the power that is rightfully yours. Avoid instability by honouring the people you
trust, give responsibility to your faithful lieutenants and officials, and be true in the
teachings of your god. Do this, and you shall be rewarded by the blessings of your patron, and
the undying devotion of the faithful. And then your church will become strong, proud and noble
and win the respect of many nearby kingdoms.

The last rule states that you shall choose, and use, your enemies and allies well. Many years
ago, I heard an elder, considered wise by the people who knew him, say that a man's strength is
measured by the strength of his allies. But I say that is not true. Because how do we fulfill
the third need of our order, the need to expand, if we are surrounded by nothing but friends?
We cannot. To expand, and keep ourselves fit and ready, we must seek out the evil that constantly
plagues our lands. This evil can take many forms and disguises, but it cannot hide from true
priests. We shall seek to destroy this evil and free the people from it's grasp.

But do not seek enemies rashly as you should avoid fights you cannot win. If a foe is too
grand, or too demanding, seek friends and allies throughout Cerilia in your quest to win. And
remember, sometimes the most unlikely man or poor regent proves to be your greatest ally and

It is a fact of life that true friendship is much harder to attain than plain hatred and
emnity. Nurture your good relations and break them only if your faith so bids you. Enemies can
be made with the stroke of a pen, but a strong friendship may take years to build and may indeed
claim many of your resources.

I will end this lecture by a saying that will always be true, a saying that states: "The
Task of Destruction is much easier than that of Creation." Likewise, greed is easier than
generosity, and hatred easier than love. It is our duty as priests to show the people of
Cerilia, that the Path of Darkness is shortsighted and wrong. Instead the people should
follow the righteous Path of Light, and learn that by doing so, they shall be rewarded and
earn the respect and protection of your order.

Thank you.

[Applause roars as the High Prefect solemnly leaves the cathedral in the company of a few

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