MJC wrote:
>I just looked at TSR's web page and saw the same three. If there are
>three more please tell me what they are and when.

Okay, I'm going from memory, so it may not be real reliable, but:

July--King of the Giant Downs
August--Falcon and Wolf
October--Book of Priestcraft
November--(I forget, Shadow something)
December--Tribes of the Heartless Wastes (er, that Vos campaign

I have a feeling I got two of them mixed around as far as months of
releases. I didn't bring a pencil.

In summary, it looks like there ARE six releases coming up for
Birthright, although only 3 are gaming material; the other 3 are books, I believe.
This is actually more than was listed to be released for two other systems
(one was Ravenloft). I read this on a release schedule that didn't seem
like it was just made up by the store owners. All in all, I find the
outlook on BR to be very encouraging!

Dustin Evermore