Anuirean Journal - Issue 21 (Pasiphiel / 571 MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
12 Coin Street, Market District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Nobles
Printing By: Royal Collage of Sorcery
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Keltier - Pasiphiel 571 MR

North West Anuire:
Includes: Boeruine, Tournen, Alamie, and Talinie.

(2/10) Several Guilds and Temples in Alamie have complained about the
high taxes levied on them by that kingdoms duke, Carilon Alam.

(12/10) Lord Rhobher Nichalier, High Priest to the Western Imperial
Temple of Haelyn has been seen to visit the ruler of Tournen, Laela
Flaertes. It is believed that they discussed a possible alliance between
the temple and Tournen.

(14/10) In Alamie, the Duke Carilon has increased spending on the
various city watch programs in some of the smaller provinces in an
attempt to increase law and order and decrease bandit activity. There
has been a noticeable improvement in the
provinces of Alaroine & Hildon.

(17/10) The ruler of Talinie, Marcus Dern, has announced that all guilds
and merchants in his kingdom must now pay a tax to him in return for the
right to operate within the borders of Talinie. Both of the major guilds
have lodged complaints with the Thane about this large and unwarranted
new tax.

(24/10) The Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn has been named the
official religion of Tournen and now enjoys the protection of that
kingdoms army and Duchess. Also the WIT has begun the fortification of
one of its temples, to "protect it from bandits".
The work is expected to be completed soon and will make the Tour's Hold
cathedral a fortified castle.

(9/11) The guilder Storm Holtson has engaged in secret talks with Aeric
Boeruine. Our reporter was unable to discover what he wanted to talk

(19/11) The Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn has begun the
construction of several new temples in various Talinie provinces. These
new temples are being built in some of the smaller towns and villagers
across Talinie to provide places of worship to the people of these

(27/11) The duke of Alamie has levied a new tax against merchant ships
using the Maesil that visit the port of Haes rather than Lofton. Many
merchants have expressed dismay about this new tax.

(13/12) The Thane of Talinie, Marcus Dern has begun construction of a
large palace in the city of Nowelton. This new building will house the
court of Talinie. It make take some time to build however after
deliveries of building materials were slowed by a dispute with local
guilds over high taxes.

(25/12) The has been an increase of spending in Boeruine on the
military. Several new units of soldiers are to be commissioned in future
months. When questions the Archduke stated that this was a response to
rising tensions in the region.

South West Anuire:
Includes: Avanil, City of Anuire, Taeghas, Broesengae, and Mieres

(3/10) Broesengae has announced the formation of a new unit of soldiers,
the Pathfinder. These soldiers will be responsible for scouring the
borders of the kingdom searching for any enemies.

(7/10) The King of Taeghas, Harald Khorien has held a festival in
Portage province. The festival was ruined however after several
mercenaries started a fight in the middle of a parade. The rest of the
festival was cancelled after the ugly incident.

(12/10) The ruler of Broesengae Eriene Mierelen has announced a new tax
on temples and guilds not answering to her. The new tax will apply from
this month and is to be payed once every three months. The Temple of
Fortune has already sent its highest ranking priest to talk with the
Broesengae officials. Also announced was a ban on non-government
military units. No temple guards, or mercenaries will be permitted
within Broesengae's borders.

(8/11) Harald Khorien of Taeghas seems to be taking a much bigger
interest in the everyday running of his kingdom. He has opened two new
offices of the Taeghas civil defence force, in Islien and Bayside

(23/11) A long running building campaign in Bindier province in
Broesengae has led to an increase in that provinces populations. The
ruler of Broesengae, Eriene Mierelen has also begun construction of
several new city watch houses in Bindier.

(19/12) The has been some trouble in Avanil this month, following an
attempt by the Brosen Royal Guild to increase its holdings in Anuire
province. This action was opposed by the Prince's Pride guild and led to
some minor scuffles.

Southern Anuire:
Includes: Diemed, Medoere, Roesone, and Aerenwe.

(4/10) Aerenwe has sent out an expedition to Caelcorwynn Island. The
sailors were amazed to find that it was unoccupied by anyone. They did
discover the remains of an ancient civilisation, several ruined stone
structures near the middle of the island.
Also on the eastern shore a site was discovered where it looks like
several ships had been beached for a period of time. Fire pits and
rubbish was found scattered around the beach. Despite these discoveries
no settlements were discovered. The expedition has set up a small
settlement on the western side of the island in a large bay that will
make a good harbour. Only a few small huts, and a wharf have been built
so far.

(5/10) Diemed has formed a new unit of soldiers to guard the province of
Ciliene. This new unit will be responsible for guarding against violence
like that seen in Moere province over recent month.

(7/10) Farmers in Roesone have said that their winter crops have been
some of the best on record. This has also bought an increase in tax
collection for this season, usually one of the worst for Roesone's tax
collectors. Hubaere Armiendin, High Prefect of the Impregnable Heart of
Haelyn has called the unseasonably good conditions a blessing of Haelyn.
Many seem to have agreed with him as temple tithes and attendances are
also much higher than usual. So high in fact that the temple has had to
begin construction of several new small churches to handle all the new
worshippers. In contrast worshippers at the temple of Rournil in Caercas
have decreased over recent weeks.

(12/10) The impregnable Heart of Haelyn has hired Onwen Zoust, son of
General Zoust the former Ilien military commander to be its new temple
security chief.

(6/11) The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn temple has sent a representative
to Roesone to speak with Baron Kawn. Unfortunately he was unavailable,
but they did pass on a gift from Hubaere Armiendin, High Prefect of the
Impregnable Heart of Haelyn which will be passed on to the Baron on his

(6/11) The Spider River Traders guild in Aerenwe has increased the size
of its holdings in the provinces of Calrie and Dhoenel. It has also set
up a small outlet in Northvale catering to the few occupants of that

(8/11) The Druid Brewing Company from Caerwil, Medoere has announced a
new brew that will be available from its outlets in Caerwil soon. The
new Duff (Damm Ugly Fungus Firewine) brew will sell for only 5 gps a
barrel and is expected to become very popular among the poorer farmers
and merchants of Medoere.

(19/11) Aerenwe has encouraged settlers to travel to the new settlement
on Caelcorwynn Island. The small village has also been renamed Ynis
Craven. Many have come to the new town, lured by the promise of riches
in a new land. Others have come to set up a harbour, catering to ships
and merchants who travel the seas on their way to and from Khinasi. The
settlement has grown to several hundred people, and now feature a large
number of shops, taverns, inns and the like to cater to visiting ships.
The docks have been enlarged and some small farms are being set up.

(24/11) After a large amount of expenditure the Baron of Diemed has
completed his new law and order program. Many of the city watch
buildings across Diemed have been enlarged and more watch members have
been hired. The people are reported to be very pleased with the
improvements the Baron has made.

(29/11) Aerenwe has sent a representative to Roesone to speak with Baron
Farrel Kawn. They were well received, but the Baron was absent from
Roesone at the time so they could not speak with him.

(9/12) The Baron of Roesone has still not returned from his trip to
Medoere. However it is not known what he is doing there, as the High
Priest of Medoere has also left his country on a trip northwards.

(21/12) The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn has been very outspoken during
prayer sessions this month. Most of their words are directed in support
of the Baron of Roesone. Many new worshippers have also been attracted
to the temple over recent months.

(27/12) The High Mage Aelies of Aerenwe has hired a young wizard called
Caerlan Korstone as his new apprentice. The young mage said that he was
pleased to have been offered an opportunity to work for such an
accomplished wizard.

Central Anuire:
Includes: Endier, Ghoere, Mhoried, and Elinie

(4/10) The ruler of Endier, Lauriel Kalien has sent ambassadors to
Ghoere and Anuire city recently. What they were discussing in both cases
is unknown, despite the best efforts of our reporters to find out.

(7/10) There has been quite a bit of activity in the court of Assan idn
Daouta over recent days with messages being sent out regularly to the
nearby kingdoms of Osoerde and Coernays

(9/10) "Haelyn Followers Search for Church Officer" - "archbishop of
Haelyn's Aegis seeks applicants within the Diocese of the Church of
Haelyn for a position as Grand Inquisitor. Must be Good in comportment,
faithful to the doctrines, and well read. High personal initiative is
required, as the successful applicant will be sent to investigate and
try cases of Witchcraft, Evil High Sorcery, and dispense monies of the
Church of Haelyn's Aegis to the poor throughout the realm, in the Name
of Haelyn, and His Lordship, The Baron Tael of Ghoere.
Apply in person at the Manor of His Most Revered Archbishop, Sir Antia
Maricoere, Achiese Province, Barony of Ghoere."

(18/10) Representatives of Haelyn's Aegis temple have been seen visiting
Baron Tael in his castle. They are believed to have invited him to visit
the Archbishop at his manor in a few weeks time.

(25/10) Elinie has begun construction on a new palace to hold the Elinie
Court. Construction is not proceeding well however after the original
workers hired to do the work spent more time at a local tavern than
working. The have since been fired and a new work force has been hired
to build the palace.

(27/10) The Mhor has been busy moving large numbers of troops eastward
to counter any threat from the Gorgon against eastern Mhoried. Much of
Mhoried's army has now been placed along its eastern border.

(5/11) Priest of the Life and Protection of Avanalae have been very
vocal in their support for the regent of Elinie during sermons in recent
weeks. They have spent much of their speeches talking about how
important it was for the people to support their ruler, and pay their
taxes on time.

(14/11) The Life and Protection of Avanalae temple has grown in
popularity over recent weeks with several of its churches saying that
they are getting record turnouts.

(23/11) "Grand Inquisitor to Haelyn Appointed" - After a long search
among the Faithful of Haelyn, Archbishop Maricoere is pleased to present
to the Grand Gathering of Bishops the successful applicant for the
Office of Grand Inquisitor of Ghoere.
Inquisitor Parniel Jarntor has been a faithful member of our order for
many years, and has shown a flair for administration and warfare. He
will make a valuable assistant in the Administration of Haelyn's Aegis.

(26/11) Mhoried has embarked on a large law and order program to stop
the increase in mugging's and bandits activity in several provinces.

(4/12) The wizard Caine has returned to Endier after a trip to Alamie.

(4/12)The Life and Protection of Avanalae has commenced building a
magnificent Temple and Library to Avanalae in the Great City of Ansien,
any and all who volunteer their services to the building of this
monument to the Wisdom of Avanalae will receive instruction in reading,
writing, and other more advanced subjects during the course of

(9/12) During a recent visit to the manor of Sir Antia Maricoere, Most
Revered Archbishop of the Haelyn's Aegis temple, Baron Tael announced
that Haelyn's Aegis will now be the official faith of Ghoere. Also the
Archbishop will be allowed to sponsor two new military units in the
Ghoere army. This news has come as quite a shock to other temples in
Ghoere, but the Baron has assured them that he will not be interfering
in matters of the gods.

(12/12) Endier has announced the formation of two new trade routes out
of the city. The new routes will be serviced by the Heartlands
Outfitters guild and will carry goods to the province of Rhumanned and
to the Imperial City.

(19/12) "Church Position Solid, Archbishop Declares" - Archbishop
Maricoere, in a recent interview was quoted as declaring, "The Church of
Haelyn's Aegis now has a strong following among some of the Nobility of
Ghoere. We are currently conducting negotiations to make interior
improvements in our operations which will insure our position as the
leading Church of the Masses. Our future position as a strong influence
in Cerilia is quite solid." In associated news, The Archbishop also
indicated that the Church has embarked on a new program of construction
to help the poor, and uneducated, and was present at the dedication of
numerous new buildings throughout Ghoere.
At the most recent construction of a Public Library, The Archbishop was
heard to say : "These gifts from the Followers of Haelyn are your Divine
Right, as faithful parishioners of Haelyn. Beware those rulers that take
away from your tithes in taxes for Unjust Wars. We thank Haelyn that The
Baron Ghoere is fair and just with his people, and does not engage in
double taxation
of the people, as does the Ruler of Mhoried.
Tithes that should be used for Lawful Good Works are used to further
Evil in that realm. We would do well to learn a lesson from this, my

(23/12) The city watch in several cities across Elinie has been
increased in size to combat recent law and order concerns by the
citizens of these provinces.

Northern Anuire:
Includes: The Five Peaks, Thurazor, Cariele, Dhoesone, and Tuarhievel.

(9/10) There has been quite a bit of strange activity going on in
Thurazor in recent weeks. The few travellers to the goblin kingdom
report the the king's troops seem to be busy searching the entire
kingdom for something. Travellers are advised that trouble should be
expected when travelling through Thurazor.

(12/10) Much of the rest of Northern Anuire has been very quiet over
recent weeks. Most kingdoms are waiting to see what the Gorgon is up to
with his troop movements over recent weeks.

(19/11) The Guilds in Cariele have increased activity in recent weeks to
handle the increase in traffic after two new trade routes were created.
Caravans of goods are now leaving daily to carry Elven goods southward
to Deseirain in Alamie. From Alamie the same caravans are returning with
loads of Grains, and Leather goods not found in the northern kingdoms.

(23/12) Trouble in Sonnelind province in Dhoesone after two local guild
tried to take control of the same Inn. A small fight erupted between the
bidders, but calm was restored after local authorities sent out a
detachment of city watch to control the crowd.

Eastern Anuire:
Includes: Osoerde, Coernays, Iron Hills, Sielwode, and Baruk-Azhik.

(2/10) The Duchess of Coernays has announced that Liemen Gregor has been
promoted to the position of General of the Coernays army. He will also
be given more troops to work with after the Duchess commissioned a new
unit of scouts for the army.

(8/10) Caenwuinde Braegmiere has been announced as the new head of the
Royal Guild of Barik-Azhik following Diirk Watershold shock dismissal
two month ago. Already the new guildmaster has been busy building a new
office for the guild in Mhowe in the Iron Hills. The Guildmaster also
met with several of the local mayors and the king of the Iron Hills in

(23/10) On his return from Baruk-Azhik, King Devlyn Finn of the Iron
Hills has announced that the kingdom's armies will be undergoing a
change in standard. The old standard introduced by the Awnshegh, the
Mind Flayer who ruled here until recently will now be replaced with a
standard a pike being driven through the Chimaera's heart. Reaction from
the army has been good so far.

(29/10) The population of Mhowe has continued to increase making the
city now one of the largest in Anuire or Khinasi, almost a match in size
for Ilien or Ariya. The King has said that it is unlikely that it will
grow much more however as the kingdom's guilds are already having to
bring in food from other lands to feed people living here. One of the
factors in Mhowe's growth has
been its popularity with visiting sailors. The city now has a large
number of taverns and gambling halls to cater for the crews of visiting
ships, but that is no longer it only purpose as many merchants are now
building businesses here to craft goods out of the ores mined in other
parts of the Iron Hills. Many jewellers and goldsmiths have made Mhowe
their home. All this wealth has led to an increase in crime and just
recently the King announced an increase in the size of the city watch to
keep crime under control.

(9/11) The Duchess of Coernays and the King of Elinie has signed a
treaty, forming an alliance between the two kingdoms. The exact details
of the alliance were not made available to use, but are believed to
include a mutual defence pact.

(24/11) An attempt by Coernays to increase the population of the duchy
has failed. It seems most settlers are more interested in moving to
Mhowe in the Iron Hills with its taverns and gambling halls than living
in Coernays.

(26/11) Attendance at the Church of Storm's Height in Gulfport province
in Osoerde is on the rise. Our contact in the church has said the the
High Imperator is very pleased with the turnout and is looking forward
to further growth over future years. To that end he has decided to
expand further eastwards into Rhormarch and the Iron Hills.

(28/11) Several Caravans of Dwarven goods are now regularly travelling
through the Iron Hills into Rhormarch bringing in much needed goods for
the rebuilding of that shattered kingdom. Another caravan of goods is
headed for Moriel province in Osoerde carrying large amount of Dwarven
armour and weapons for sale by the Royal Guilds agents in that kingdom.

(30/11) The duchess of Coernays has increased the size of the city watch
in Rouven.

(1/12) There has been a horrible murder in the city of Mhowe. An
important member of the cities largest temple, Sera's Blessing has been
killed. City officials are still seeking the murderer(s).

(2/12) There has been some unrest in the city of Mhowe in the Iron
Hills. It is believed that trouble between the cities three main temples
led to a riot breaking out in the city. The riot is thought to have been
caused by priests of Cuiraecen disrupting a festival organised by the
cities largest temple the temple to Sera. Only a small number of people
actually got involved in the riots, but the King sent a large number of
the Knights of Mhowe onto the street to bring calm. Several people were
arrested, although all but one were released later.

(3/12) The man arrested by Mhowe authorities yesterday has been
sentenced to public ridicule by the King's court. He will be taken to
the public square, tied to a pole and pelted with rotten vegetables and
insulted by the people who his crimes affected.
Officials for the king will also be conducting a survey of citizens in
the city square to see how many would support public execution of the
prisoner. It has now also been revealed that the prisoner was
responsible for the murder of the young priestess from the temple of
Sera two nights ago.

(24/12) Mara Voinsovish has been appointed to the royal court of
Coernays. Her role is expected to be as an adviser on internal matters
to the Duchess.

(25/12) The mercenary Cowan the Sword has bought a tavern by the docks
in Mhowe as his new headquarters for his Cowan Intelligence Agency, one
of Anuire's best collection of scouts and spies. The group will now be
available for hire by nearby kingdoms for a variety of purposes.

(31/12) Wincae Raehech, Lord High Imperator of the Church of Storm's
Height has announced a celebration to mark the 30 anniversary of his
birth, and the 5th year of his reign as Lord High Imperator. The
celebration will be held on the 21st of Roelir of the coming year, 572
MR in the main temple of the Church of Storm's Height in the Osoerde
province of Moriel. Invitations
have been sent to all the important nobles and rulers throughout nearby
kingdom and it looks like the social event of the year for eastern

Includes: Rhormarch, Coullabhie, The Burrows, Ariya, Binsada, The
Sphinx, Aftane, Sendoure,
The Tarvan Waste, Zikala, and Mesire.

(2/10) Rebuilding of the northern Rhormarch provinces has continued this
month. Many of those who fled in the face of the invasion by the Gorgon
have returned and are beginning to rebuild their homes and their lives.
Large sums of gold have been spent by King to help this process along.

(17/11) The ruler of Sendoure, Beysim ibn Faroud ed-Duatim has been
talking with the guildmaster Helmut Gruber over recent days. It is
believed that the discussion had something to do with the Hydra problem
in the southern provinces of Sendoure.

(21/11) Omar ibn Tuarim el-Zisef has decreed that No Foreign Guilds
(those not based in Zikala) shall be allowed to establish trade routes
to Zikala Province without his personal prior consent. Also el-Zisef has
built a small guild of his own to help increase the prosperity of the

(19/12) The Breadfruit North-South guild from the halfling kingdom of
the Burrows has started a trade route carrying goods from the north down
the Asarwe River to the Sendoure province of Ghoudaia. The new products
have taken the Sendoure market by storm and have proven very popular. So
much so that the Halflings have been unable to carry enough goods on
their boat to supply demand.

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Ian Hoskins

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