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Sent: 09 July 1997 16:14
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Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Birthright demo

I just wanted to say that I have downloaded the Birthright demo, and
that it works fine (as I do have DirectX installed on my computer).

IMHO, if you're a Birthright fan, you are gonna love this game: It is
faithful to the Birthright campaign setting, offers various levels of
game complexity, and some nice graphics and sound (although the theme
sound is a bit trivial).

The greatest bummer is the diplomacy. Although the Sierra people have
gone to great lengths, and created extensive rules on diplomacy, it
doesn't really work. In my first kill-everything-that-moves game, I
played Roesone, and immediately attacked Aerenwe (quite a stupid thing
to do, but hey, it was only a test game). My easily acquired allies
Medoere and Ilien joined the battle. Perhaps, that's fair enough. But
guess who allied with the Aerenweans? Osoerde, Talinie, and Boeruine.
Hmm... Nevertheless, I did manage to tear Swordwwraith's most fair
kingdom to pieces :) *evil grin*

But okay, I played like a silly regent so perhaps the other computer
regents decides to so, too. :) I wonder if diplomacy in the real world
works that way...

Unfortunately (or, of course), as this game is only a demo, a lot of the
good stuff, like adventuring and manual battle control, isn't possible.
And you can't play a full game either; after about 5-7 domain turns the
game stops (with no prior warning!).

But I definitely think the game is worth a try.


PS: By the way, I don't think it is possible to play any of the
non-province owners, like the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn. I haven't
played the game enough yet to know for sure, so I could be wrong (I
sincerely hope so).

Well perhaps the people at Sierra have done more research than we think i
mean there is alot made in Ruins of Empire how invading the Erebannien will
make you enemies. And besides Boeruine and Talinie
are both forested kingdoms not to mention allies and Osoerde has a bit of
border situation with Aerenwe.I see your point though.

How many kingdoms are selectable in the Demo ? And come on tell us a bit more
about whats in it please.