Noah Robert Zerbe wrote:
>Has anyone come up with an alternative uses for holdings? It seems that
>while the law and source holdings actually serve a purpose, the guilds
>and temples are pretty well useless for anything other than gaining RPs.

Guilds and temples can make BIG money. Also useful in building trade
routes, and espionage (guilds), and realm spells and agitating (temples).

>Just a thought, but couldn't temples be used to maintain loyalty and
>prevent rebellion (like the law holdings). And guilds could be used as
>revenue source. Care would have to be taken to ensure game balance is
>thrown off, but at least the other holdings would serve a purpose.

Yup. Priest regents can agitate _for_ the provincial regent and help to
increase the province loyalty. Read carefully in the rulebook for a
thorough understanding what each of the different domain types can do.

Dustin Evermore