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Thread: Birthright Demo

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    Jason Michael

    Birthright Demo

    The Sierra site now has a playable demo. Looks really. Just
    thought I'd let everyone know. TAkes about 1:30 to download.

    Jason Michael


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    Birthright Demo

    Morten Helles wrote:

    > Charge ahead from
    > But those of you who are using modens, beware! It's 18 MB, or about 5
    > hours of download time using a 28800 kbps moden... So it's propably
    > cheaper to buy the full game! Who said something a download time of 1:30
    > anyway? Was that minutes, hours, days? Or using a 1 Mbps leased line?
    > *grin*
    It would probably take me about 1:50 hours to download through me
    connection, thats only with a 28800 modem. True there is a 2 Mbps link
    on the other end of the line that will usually allow me about 11 meg an
    hour as a download rate. Also it only cost 25 cents for unlimit time
    local calls in Australia which is vry useful.

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    Ian Hoskins

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