Southern Anuire News - Issue 20 (Emmanir / 571 MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel
>From her Imperial City offices.

Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper
available in the city of Anuire for 1 GP/copy.
Produced once every three months Correspondents include:

Medoere - Aeric Gallant (Minor priest in temple of Rournil)
Roesone - Various Travellers and Merchants
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer (Local merchant)
Endier - Caine the wizard (Local Identity)
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel (Editor of newspaper)
Ghoere - Paeghen Valesie (Respected noble identity)
Gorgon's Realm - Various Travellers
Iron Hills - Various Travellers
Other - Various guilds and travellers

Erntenir - Emmanir 571 MR


(3/7) The Thief in Medoere's Treasury has been caught. It turns out that
local thief had someone got her hands on a magical device that made her
invisible whenever she wore it. With her cat like abilities she was
able to sneak past the guards and make off with large sums of gold. She
eventually caught when the regent used the powers granted to him by
to detect her. Much of the money has yet to be recovered though.

(4/7) Baron Farrel Kawn has arrived in Braeme for talks with the High
Priest. One thing on the agenda at the current discussion is the problem
Caerwil. Hopefully something can be done about the situation.

(7/7) Baron Kawn and the High Priest have decided to mass a large army
hunt the Spiderfell for the missing farmers. Some think this may not be
good idea considering Ghoere did the same once before and failed to
down its missing citizens.

(17/7) Finally the mysterious deaths in Caerwil province have been
It turns out that a cult based in a ruin near Caerwil had been sneaking
at night dress all in black to kidnap people. The people they captured
taken back to their headquarters and fed to the rare cats that they had
there. It seems that the cult was a group of cat worshipper who thought
that their pets needed humans to survive. With the help of Baron Kawn of
Roesone however the cult has been rounded up and the citizens of Caerwil
have been freed. The Roesone Baron did not return from Caerwil and is
to be investigating something important in the region.

(5/9) Just before she was to go on trial the thief responsible for
from Medoere treasury has vanished from her cell. It is believed that
may have had inside help. Authorities are busy searching the city of
for her. So far there has been no sign though.

(19/9) The High Priest has announced that he will leaving Medoere for a
short trip. He said that he is on an important pilgrimage for Rournil
will return in a couple of months. In his absence the church will take
the day to day running of the kingdom.


(1/7) The Baron has set out on long trip around the region to gain the
support of other rulers for some new plan of his. His first stop will be
Ilien where he will oversee a new building program. He will then head
to Medoere to talk with the high Priest there.

(5/7) The Baron has decided to go straight to Medoere after some crisis
arisen there. It is now expected he will come to Ilien later in the

(6/7) Word from Medoere is that Baron Kawn will be using some of the
Roesone military to investigate a problem in the Spiderfell. People we
questioned in Proudglaive were not in favour of this because of the
it posed to Roesone's soldiers.

(24/7) The Roesone soldiers sent to Medoere have returned safely after
was discovered that they were not needed after all and the Spiderfell
not causing the crisis the Baron was looking in to. The Baron did not
return from Medoere with the troops and according to Medoere force he is
investigating something important in Caerwil province.

(5/8) In the Baron's absence one of his agents has been in Ilien
the construction of a new extension to the Royal Roesone Trader
near the dock. This extension will allow the RRT to handle nearly double
the volume of produce it does now.

(10/8) Other merchants in Ilien have expressed concern that the Baron
be trying to create a monopoly it trade though his family company the
Roesone Traders. A spokesman for the Anuirean Trading Company said that
employer would not sit idly by and let the Baron run the cities
into the ground.

(24/8) Rournil's Celestial Spell the only temple allowed in Medoere has
established a branch in Ilien. The other temples have been quick to act
harassing anyone who was heading to worship at the new shrine. If they
this up it is unlikely that the temple will remain in Ilien for long.

(3/9) A spokesman for the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn has claimed that
High Priest of Medoere has broken a long standing agreement between the
temple by expanding into Ilien and the IHH will be sending a strongly
worded message to Medoere asking the temple be closed immediately.

(4/9) One of the RRT's larges shops, the Ilien Nautical Supply Store was
badly damaged in a fire last night. It is not known what caused the
but damage seems to be quite extensive.


(7/8) Diemed court mage, Selophinie Failinie, delighted crowds at the
Baron's birthday party after she managed to turn large amounts of rusty
armour into gold as a birthday present for the Baron. He was said to be
very pleased and asked Selophinie if this could be done more often.

(9/9) The trouble that has plagued Moere province seems to have died
and authorities are now even talking about allowing the temple of Haelyn
reopen it's temple in the province. Hopefully the fighting between the
religions has died down by now.


(27/9) It has been a quiet three months in Endier. Only three parties
been held and even they were not as well attended as usual. People are
hoping that the party ratio will pick up a bit over winter.

Imperial City:

(Special Announcement) The Southern Anuire news, Anuire's largest
has announced a major expansion from the next issue. After a 2 year
recruiting drive the SAN has hired enough magicians and reporters to
the expansion viable. Reports have been hired in many lands not before
covered by the SAN and we will soon be bringing you an even better
of the events that effect you.
>From next month we will be bringing you the news from Boeruine to the
Hills, and from Meires to Dhoesone. We will also include a special
section for those who want to keep up on the news even further afield.
number of copies of the newspaper will also increase from 1000 this
to 10,000 in three months time. This has been made possible by
good sales over recent years, and the addition of 20 new magic casting
staff to work all day producing the copies using our specially designed
We have even managed to gain the assistance of the Royal Collage of
after the city authorities order that their mages do something
instead of blowing up taverns and the like. Now all new apprentices at
collage are required to spend some time working at the newspaper in our
copying decision. They are still paid well and each wizard or magician
receive free copies of our specially designed spells.
We have also enlisted the aid of various merchants and couriers to
that our newspaper can be delivered across Anuire as soon as possible.
At a
slightly higher price we will also deliver the newspaper anywhere in
southern Cerilia, only 2 gp (minimum order of 100 papers).


1: The Avanil navy offer protection from pirates haunting our southern
water. apply at the Avanil embassy in the imperial city for further
2: The Collage of Sorcery seeks cleaners and cooks, a fearless attitude
3: Announcement: All ships must now pay a tax of 10gp to cover the cost
repairs to the docks.
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(1/7) It is believed that the Spider itself has been about in his
with farmers in northern Medoere claiming to have seen the creature. It
believed also that Goblins from the Spiderfell may be responsible for
several villagers in Medoere and Roesone going missing over the past few


(4/8) Things have been fairly quiet of late in Ghoere, only the constant
tramp of soldier feet in southern Ghoere can be heard. According to
Vaesil Tael the Ghoere army must continue its training to ensure that
kingdom is safe from any southern invaders. He said that the Black Baron
Roesone looked at him funny during his recent visit, and he wouldn't be
surprise if he and the High Priest of Medoere were planning a surprise
attack on peaceful Ghoere. The Baron also told us that he has received
of an increase in the numbers of Roesone and Medoere troops in recent
months and that their kingdoms can not maintain that number of soldiers
long. Our interview had to be cut short however after the Baron suddenly
ordered a sweep of the castle to look for Roesone spies.

Gorgon's Realm:

(5/8) Following the recent defeat in Rhormarch most of the Gorgon's
seem to have headed north again to refortify the northern limits of his
Domain. Little is known about exactly where these troops are head to
however as most of our information comes from very unreliable sources.

(16/9) A report today from the ruins of Mur-Kilad. There is now talk of
provinces there being repopulated with Orogs, after the former Dwarven
occupant fled south into the Iron Hills.

The Iron Hills:

(7/8) A official from the treasury is thought to have made off with a
sum of gold. Devlyn Finn has ordered a sweep of the capital in search of
the official, but so far he hasn't been found. A disreputable looking
mercenary known as Cowan the Sword was arrested, but later released.

(13/9) Devlyn Finn has finally managed to track down the missing
He had been hiding in the mountains north of the port city of Mhowe. The
king also found several accomplices who were either killed or arrested.
Reports also speak of a strange creature that may have been in league
the official.

Other News:

(5/7) In Barik-Azhik it has been reported that Diirk Watershold the
controller of the Royal Barik-Azhik guild has retired and been replaced
his deputy. Recent dissatisfaction with Diirk and his lack of Dwarven
manners may have led to his retirement. Some reports spoke of the Dwarf
spending too much time in the Iron Hills with the refugees from
His replacement is thought to be Caenwuinde Braegmiere, a long time
of the guild and Diirk's righthand man for many years.

(17/9) In Osoerde it has been reported that the Church of Storm's Height
has been given a new caravel by a wealthy benefactor.