One way to look at it is to define what it is about cavalry that=20
enables them to harass/defend retreating armies.

Cavalry is fast: move 3 or better
Cavalry can fight well: melee/charge 3 or better

Now scouts are fast (move 3), but they can't fight all that well=20
(melee 2). So I wouldn't think they'd be able to eliminate or defend=20

So, I would propose that, units with a move of 3 or better and a=20
melee/charge of 3 or better should be counted under this rule.

This yields some interesting results. Such as the Harpy's special=20
units count, as well as the Sphinx's. But, it does disqualify all=20
knight units, they all are too slow.

Knights are shock troops, not manuever forces. I would argue that=20
they are not mobile enough to perform the function of pursuit and/or=20


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One of my player and me are arguing about the difference between the
Cavalry and the Knights.

I say only the cavalry can kill units of an ennemy who withdraws.

He says all mounted units can do so.

* I argue that in the Rulebook, page 72, it's written :

"The victor can automatically kill one escaping unit for each winning
cavalry unit that outnumbers losing cavalry unit"

I think if knights can do so, they would have written : "for each
winning mounted unit"

* He argues that there is no diff=E9rence between the two, and that the
word "cavalry" means all mounted units.

What do you think about that ?

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