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    Birthright PBeM update.

    Here is the latest list of what Domains have been taken so far. In the
    future I will only be posting to those involved in the PBeM game, but I
    still havn't sorted out all the e-mail adresses yet.

    Current Regents.

    Finnsson -

    Justin Martin -

    Shawn Hudsen -
    Endier/Heartlands Outfitters.

    Samual Barnes -
    Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik (Baruk-Azhik)=09

    David Bych -

    Brenda L Santer

    Robin Cantin -
    High Mage Aelies (Aerenwe)

    Felix -

    J=F8ran Lindblom -

    Dennis J. Mobley -
    Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn

    Sebastiaan G.P. Berendse -
    Church of Storm's Height (Osoerde)

    If anyone listed above wants to change anything then mail me as soon as

    - --=20

    Home Page:
    Page Updates:

    From the Darkness we came.
    And to the Darkness we will return.

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    Birthright PBeM update.

    as i am new to the list i wanted to know if it is possible to join this
    pebm now as a dwarf or elf regent
    thank in advance for your response and dont hesitate to say if you
    encounter a problem in this case

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