Everyone who responed to me by mail will have recieved a reply by now.
But to anyone else who may be interested here is the infomation for the
PBeM game.

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. Because of the quite large
number of responses I have decided to start up the PBeM game.
Already some people have selected Domains to run, and I have decided to
expand the scope of the game to include western Khinasi lands as well.
Below is some infomation for everyone who is interested in playing.

1) The Game is set in and part of my current campaign. This means that
any actions taken by my players in my weekly Birthright game may effect
PBeM players and vice versa. This also means that some kingdoms are
different than those stated in the book, for example Ilien no longer
exists as a seperate entity and levels of guild and temple holdings have
changed around Roesone, Ilien, Medoere, Diemed etc. Some kingdom also
have different rulers.

2) PBeM players will only be able to run their domains as regent, no
adventuring etc, although interaction between players for diplomacy etc
can provide plenty of oportunity for roleplaying. Mostly I am interested
in running the strategy side of the Birthright Game.

3) Once a domain is chosen I will provide a list of the holding and a
basic description (name, bloodline, strength, etc). You are welcome to
alter some of the background if you wish, but I don't really want to
change every character in my game. After all it would look a little
strange if all the regents across Anuire suddenly died and new regents
took their places.

4) Domains Turns will be carried out once a week. I would like to
recieve everyone's actions by friday night (Australian Time), as that
gives me saturday to work out everyones actions and reply. Anyone who
doesn't get their turn in on time will miss a week and their turn will
be carried over into the next week instead.

5) Diplomacy action between player can be worked out between each
player, but I will require a copy of what occured for my records (you
never know when there are spies lurking about too).

6) The result of battles will be determined by me. Anyone who goes to
war sends in a list of what they want their armies to do their basic
strategy. I will then carry out the battle for you and determine the
result. It is possible that I may spend extra time via e-mail for

7) RP bidding will be done by each player setting an amount of RP's
he/she is willing to spend. I will then determine the result of the
action. Any players who are effected by a the actions of another player
will be able to spend RP etc in their defense, although I would prefer
if people told me how they want their holdings defended in case of a
threat, but I will wait and see how this works out.

8) Because my campaign is restricted mainly to southern Anuire, I would
prefer it if you can choose a Domain in the same region. However I am
willing to consider other realms.

Now all you have to do is choose a realm and I will send you out the
infomation about your choice. You may of course change if you are not
happy with the choice you have made, but once the game has begun
decisions are final (sort of.)

Already some domains are taken.

Medoere, Roesone, and the Iron Hills (formerly Chimaeron) are taken by
the players in my campaign. Watch out for these kingdoms they are
dangerous, especially Medoere.

The following people have expressed interest in a particular domain.

Finnsson - finnsson@communique.se

Justin Martin - justin@magna.com.au

Shawn Hudsen - stludson@lec.okcu.edu

Samual Barnes - samuel_barnes@icpmech.navy.mil
Royal Guild of Baruk Azhik

David Bych - willow@vip.cypercity.dk

Brenda L Santer -bls127@mail.usask.ca

Felix - jonasfel@mail.telepac.pt

Now for everyone else, any domain not listed above can be chosen as long
as it is within the following area. East of Avanil, although I may be
willing to include some Avanil domains (guild/temple) if anyone is
particularly interested. South of Mhoried, I would prefer Ghoere to be
the northern boundry of my campaign, again this can be altered if enough
people express an interest. West of Aftane, and south of Kiergaard.

The following Domains are not avalible

Any Awnsheghlien domain.

Everything else is up for graps.

In my campaign there have been a couple of changes over time. Ilien has
been taken over by Roesone, Port of Call Exchange has been replaced by
Anuirean Trading Company. Some domains have also lost or gained holding,
so what is in the Ruins of Empire book, may not be accurate.

Any Questions, Mail Me.
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