zero wrote:

> How do you other DMs approach the following? El-Hadid decides to initiate
> an Espionage action against (player rengent's name here) with the express
> intent of creating an Assasination random event. How would you inform the
> PC that she can spend RPs to bid against this espionage, surely not "hey
> there's an assasination attempt coming, want to bid against it?" What do
> you tell the players, how much info do you give them?

Generaly, I say to the player : someone (he does'nt know who) try to do
an espionnage action against you, what do you want to bid ?

If it's an assassination, i think it's different. I say to the player
that someone try to kill him, but i don't say who.
He must make another espionnage action to know who made that.

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