>>In the end there can be only one.
> Actually as the bloodlines are tainted more and more by marriage with
>non-blooded spouses, the bloddliens are diminishing...
> So one might say that 'In teh end, there can only be none'...
> An interesting dilemma indeed.
Not really - just make sure that only those blooded people who improve their
bloodline (by Regency, or bloodtheft - no difference) are able to
reproduce... by the simple expedient of performing bloodtheft on those who
don't attempt to improve themselves... *mgrin*
Most of the important bloodlines are represented by regents, who have
opportunity (and incentive!) to improve their Bloodstrength through the use
of (and the desire to gain!) Regency Points from their holdings/provinces.
This leads to the major lines maintaining (or inreasing) in strength, while
minor lines fade out as their holdings are "eaten by something bigger."
(Roger Zelasny's "Prince of Chaos").
So the Regents of large domains grow, and the active Bloodthieves grow,
while lesser Regents and 'passive' Blooded characters lead their line into

Sort of "The rich get richer, the poor get the picture" (Midnight Oil, "Read
About It").

See ya,
Jeremy Scrimes
aka: Jes, Bolt, Araqyl, Jeremiah, Jeremy Hinoski.