Greetings! I'm the newest member of the list.
I've been an RPG ref since the days of Chainmail, and have varied
amounts of RP/DM

Just dusted off the (Gasp!) unopened BR boxed set I bought last year,
roleplaying. Literally read through the whole thing in 48 hours,

Some suggestions to previous (long dead?) threads, as I've just finished
reading all
197 postings to the archive.

> Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Using other sources

... I was forced at times to draw on other TSR resources for countries.
I think that you can use parts of other campaign settings for
Birthright. For example, I recently bought ... Obviously it needed a
few changes...but it is rich in history, and with some work, can fit
into BR. Anyone else know any other good addons like that which would
work in BR?
CK -- Christopher Kira

I'm currently setting up my new BR campaign "Dark Age Realms" to use
"Charlemagne's Paladins (R)," instead of the standard BR setting.

Set in the Dark ages, it TOTALLY blends in with the "Arthurian Feel"
that a lot of
other posts have talked about. Using the "Legendary" modifiers from
this book,
only Human races are allowed as PC's. Elves, Dwarves, etc. are
creatures of Faerie,
and, as such, REPLACE the Ansheghlin (SP) as antagonists. The RP/GB
mesh wonderfully with the geopolitics of Frankish Europe, with
Charlemagne (as an NPC
Emperor/Regent) at the top of the pile, and the PC's as his vassals.

Admitting heavy influence from "Highlander (R)," the Dark Ages give a
really good feel
for the Scottish Clan/ Dark ages bandits/raiders/vikings, etc. Use the
BR races as
their Historical-based true derivations! Slavs, Vkings, Arabs, Etc.
it's all in the Basic BR set, just go back to historical origins. The
equipment from BR is reduced a little, due to an overall lower tech
level, and very few castles are made of stone.
The minute I bought the Sea battles rules expansion, I thought of this
as soon as I saw the cards for the ships! Great Artwork!

Khinasi are the araby/ byzantine (sort of)
Vos are slavic/mongol raiders from Eastern Europe, etc, etc.

Those that have "Charlemagne's Paladins" can figure all this out.

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I'm not totally familiar with all the ins and out, but try this for
size, as a suggestion:

As a Ref, EACH TURN, ask the player how much (bidding points) they want
to spend on
thwarting a "Possible Assassination Attempt." This simulates the
familiar, "You listen,
and hear nothing at the door." Is there nothing there, or are there
Undead Legions, backed up by a Lich Lord waiting?!?!?

Ah, so we have now simulated the rampant paranoia associated with
important political figures. If the PC wishes, He/She can spend,
spend, spend on Patrols, troops, food-
tasters, etc, to their heart's content. Tied up with a possible
assassination and the preparation of defensive measures, there is no
time (RP) to run the kindom/province.

Now, when the ACTUAL assassin- controlling player wants to try an
assassination attempt,
ask them HOW MANY POINTS to use on the Penetration of the defenses!
(I.E. So that if they just go in with the minimum, the spy is caught,

IN EFFECT, THIS IS (Drum Roll) a SEALED BID, for the regent's life!!

Let neither side make any changes to their bid, once the Assassin is
launched, they are
no longer under the control of the attacking power. If the attacker had
any measure of
control (i.e. the "Usual" bidding war) there would have to be a string
of messengers,
along with a veritable horde of guys carrying gold back and forth to the
site of the bidding war (the perimeter) of the castle/guild/wiazard's
tower, to buy off more guards,
as the bidding war went on.... This is patently ridiculous. Now, as
an adjunct to this, make each bid take A WHOLE DOMAIN TURN or something,
so that now you have:

LT: "Sire, we caught a spy, climbing the walls of the keep."
REGENT : "Well, torture him, find out who sent him, and double the
guards, for the next
two months. I'm not going to let the agents of my neighbors get

This has many subtle effects:
Now, Just sending one ill-equipped assassin can cause the Regent Target
to spend,spend, spend for MONTHS to stop any possible further attacks.

AND, the Attacker KNOWS THIS, so now, you can achieve a partial economic
for the cost of one spy (though dead) that carries with it, the threat
of further
assassination attempts (that MAY OR _MAY NOT_ be in the offing!)

Now, assuming that the Regent Target is prudent, he/she will immediately
start to do
more espionage/recon of neighbors.

Also, you could, as an optional rule, include the following, when the
spy is caught by
the defender:

2 - 4 Suicides
5 Confesses, then suicides.
6 Wounded in Attempt, Talks.
7 Killed in attempt.
8 - 9 Wounded in attempt, but doesn't talk. (Regent can now do a press
release saying,
"Spy caught, and told all. War on the horizon." Then see who builds
up defenses!
10 Caught, but willing to turn Double Agent, giving Free espionage
report to Regent Target, for a (GM determined) amount each turn.
11 Spy is a triple agent, and feeds FALSE information, as # 10 to Regent
Target, thus
playing everyone for the maximum.
12 Spy, realizing he is a pawn, turns Counterspy, and for a few GB,
returns to assassinate the original Attacker! (Dm's judgement on costs,
rp's, gb's)

All of this conveniently simulates Espionage: You can't trust these
people, they Lie
for a living, sneak around, and can change sides at will.

Granted, all of this is off from basic BR rules, but it adds flavor,
allowing cool
assassin NPC's to be developed, and really charges up the diplomacy/
espionage of
a european powers campaign.

Stay tuned for more, I'm working out the spells, and magic available for
this Dark Ages/
BR monster, if anyone is interested, email me for a copy of the stuff I
am working on.
(Should be available by the 6th or so of July.)

James H. Jenkins Email: