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>How do you other DMs approach the following? El-Hadid decides to initiate
>an Espionage action against (player rengent's name here) with the express
>intent of creating an Assasination random event. How would you inform the
>PC that she can spend RPs to bid against this espionage, surely not "hey
>there's an assasination attempt coming, want to bid against it?" What do
>you tell the players, how much info do you give them?

The best thing to do is to find a way to role-play the entire situation, and
take GBs and RPs based on the actual actions the PC takes during the
session. If your not interested in always role-playing out such a situation
there is another approch. Create a form of "insurance" for each Regent PC.
Each DT the PC pays X amount of GBs and X amount of RPs into this
"insurance" account. The PC then decides how many of his/her "insurance" GBs
and/or RPs can be spent on bidding against "secret" Actions being taken
against them. This allows the DM to handle the bidding process without
having to say anything to the PC. Once the Action is determined to have
succeeded or failed the DM can give the PC any info. that they may have
learned during the Action. Just my 2 GBs.


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