Southern Anuire News - Issue 19 (Diesmir / 571 MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel
>From her Imperial City offices.

Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper
available in the city of Anuire for 1 GP/copy.
Produced once every three months Correspondents include:

Medoere - Aeric Gallant (Minor priest in temple of Rournil)
Roesone - Various Travellers and Merchants
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer (Local merchant)
Endier - Caine the wizard (Local Identity)
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel (Editor of newspaper)
Ghoere - Paeghen Valesie (Respected noble identity)
Gorgon's Realm - Various Travellers
Iron Hills - Various Travellers
Other - Various guilds and travellers

* Correspondents are required from other kingdoms, pay is 10 gp/three

Haelynir - Diesmir 571 MR


(4/4) The tough security measure taken against thieves in the Medoere
capital, Braeme, seem to be working. There have been no new theft
from the countries treasury over the last two weeks.

(15/4) The trouble in the northern province of Caerwil seems to be
continuing. Residents there are now living in fear of their lives, after
several more citizens went missing recent. Suspicion over the
disappearances still points toward the Spiderfell.

(24/4) A near riot broke out in Caerwil province yesterday, after the
people marched on the residence of the local temple head demanding that
something be done about the missing farmers in northern Caerwil. So far
there has been no response from the church.

(3/6) Despite all the security around the treasury there has been a
theft. A undisclosed sum of gold went missing from the heavily fortified
building, and authorities are still unable to explain the thefts.
the thief managed to sneak past ten guards and make off with a bag of
without any noises being heard.


(1/4) Construction of the new Roesone palace, the soon to be head
of the Roesone government is finally nearing completion. The project has
been dogged by long delays and shipment problems during the past two
of construction. A celebration is planned for the day it is finally
completed. The officials overseeing the project are sure that it will be
completed by the end of the month.

(3/4) Agent of the Baron are believed to be close to tracking down the
headquarters of the cult that has been threatening Ghoried province for
last few months. They now believe that the cult may actually be a
stronghold of worshippers of one of the Vos gods. The Baron has called
anyone knowing anything to come forward, and has posted a reward of 100
for information about the cults headquarters.

(14/4) The Baron has begun a trip to Ghoere to try and ease tensions
between the two nations after military exercises in recent months. The
Baron may also raise the cult problem in Ghoried province with Baron
during the talks.

(24/4) Baron Kawn has returned from his short trip to Ghoere, no word as
yet on what was discussed, or if anything of substance was achieved.

(3/5) The Baron's family company, Roesone traders has established a new
caravan route bringing goods over land from Endier on the Maesil river
Ilien. Roesone Traders has been given tax concession by the Baron, and
other merchants carting goods with the guild will also be given the same

(7/5) The King of the Iron Hills, Devlyn Finn, has arrived in the
capital Proudglaive for talks with the Baron. King Finn's small ship
arrived at the docks late last night, and he has been busy talking with
Baron ever since. It is believed he may be inquiring about an item of
sort, believed to be in northern Roesone. The Baron has invited the
King on a trip into Ghoried province.

(9/5) The Baron, King Devlyn Finn and a large number of soldier have set
out from proudglaive to search Ghoried province for the cult that has
terrorising the lands there for several month. It is believed that King
Finn is coming along to look for a powerful magical item missing from
kingdom. It may have belonged to the Iron Hill's former ruler before
Finn took over.

(18/5) The Baron and party have returned from the north after a
mission to Ghoried province. The cult that has been menacing the people
there has been total destroyed, and the survivors of the villagers that
been followers of the cult have been arrested and transported to the
high security prison to spend some time mining. King Devlyn Finn did not
return from the north and is believed to have headed further north to
with Baron Tael of Ghoere. His ship left the docks shortly after Baron
returned home.

(17/6) A minor guild war has broken out between Roesone Traders, and the
Anuirean Trading Company. The trouble seems to be over shipping rights
Anuire City and other western ports.

(29/6) The Roesone palace has finally been completed. It took over a
longer that expected and ran over budget by an undisclosed sum. The
however are quite spectacular, with the new building dominating the
of Proudglaive, replacing the old temple of Haeyln as the cities largest
structure. The Baron has announced that the government will now be moved
into the palace, with the castle now reserved for the use of the Baron
his family. Also a celebration is believed planned for next month when
building will be officially opened. It is still unknown which temple
be on hand to bless the palace.


(8/6) There has been no repeat of the violence that has dominated Moere
province over the last few month with the army still deployed to keep
priests separate. Lasica Diem, head of the Diemed military has said that
things remain calm over the next few weeks, it is likely that the
will be removed from the streets and everything can return to normal.

(16/6) The Temple of Haelyn in Diemed has announced that it will be
sponsoring a new unit of mounted troops to be added the Diemed military.

(19/6) Baron Diem has welcomed the temple of Haelyn offer of troops and
said that they will be a great addition to the Diemed army.


(9/4) The Maesil river has receded again, after the second year of
in a row. This year however no trouble has been reported.

(26/5) Lauriel Kalien, ruler of Endier has announced that a festival
be held soon to celebrate the ending of this years flooding. Food and
will be provided by the city council.

(29/5) Large numbers of city folk attended Lauriel Kalien's celebration
held in front of the the city council buildings. Minstrels and other
entertainers were also provided for the people amusement. Party goers
declared this party the best of the past three months.

(17/5) Several merchants have welcomed the new land route for goods
travelling east. It is now possible to transport goods overland to Ilien
where they can be shipped east. This avoids the high cost of sea
from Anuire City.

Imperial City:

(3/4) Two mages from the Collage of Sorcery were nearly killed last week
after a powerful spell got out of hand and blew up the building they
in. Unfortunately the mages only suffered minor injuries. Several local
merchants have called on the city council to restrict the activities of
Collage to the grounds of their own buildings and not to let dangerous
mages lose on the streets.

(29/4) The ruler of the Iron Hills, King Devlyn Finn, has arrived in
city for a visit. It is not known which nobles he is intending on
during his stay.

(31/4) King Devlyn Finn left the city early this morning. Several local
members of the nobility were very upset to here of his early departure
they were hoping to hold functions in his honour. The same nobles have
decided to hold several parties instead.

(24/5) Two more pirate vessels have been defeated over the last few day.
Merchants are now hopeful that this will mean an end of the pirate
that has trouble ships west and east of Anuire city for many months.


1: The Avanil navy offer protection from pirates haunting our southern
water. apply at the Avanil embassy in the imperial city for further
2: The Collage of Sorcery seeks cleaners and cooks, a fearless attitude
3: Announcement: All ships must now pay a tax of 10gp to cover the cost
repairs to the docks.
4: Sailor's needed. Contact the Anuirean Trading Company at our new
on Coin Street, right opposite the Prince's Pride offices.
5: Are you in need of protection, contact Alric at the Black Rose
6: Got a problem needing removing, see Alric at the Black Rose Tavern
for a
quick fix.
7: Are you short of cash the see Halidie Gorsited for a loan.
8: Black Rose bodyguard services. We can protect you!


(9/6) It is believed that the Spider itself has been about in his
with farmers in northern Medoere claiming to have seen the creature. It
believed also that Goblins from the Spiderfell may be responsible for
several villagers in Medoere and Roesone going missing over the past few


(12/4) The Ghoere - Osoerde road has finally been completing. Now a good
road has been build Ghoere merchants can transport their goods south
through Osoerde, avoiding the long trip east down the Maesil to Anuire
City. Road taxes being levied by Ghoere and Osoerde are also very low,
encouraging travellers.

(19/4) The Black Baron of Roesone journeyed to Ghoere this week to meet
with Baron Tael. It is not known what was discussed, but the talks are
thought to have been about the recent troop movement in northern

(20/4) The Baron of Roesone has left the capital and headed for home. He
did not seem pleased about the results of his discussions with the

(16/6) The Ghoere army has announced a further build up of troops along
border with Roesone. According to the Baron he does not trust the motive
the government in Roesone and wishes to prepare the Barony for any
recent treaties with Osoerde and Mhoried mean that it is unlikely that
attack could come from either of those lands.

Gorgon's Realm:

(5/4) Messengers have returned from the Iron Hills with word that the
there will loan Rhormarch a large force of mounted soldiers. Rhormarch
military officials are not busy planning a final strike to drive out the
Gorgon's troops in the north of the country. Many are now positive that
land to the north can be retaken.

(13/4) The reinforcements from the Iron Hills have arrived and have been
added to the Rhormarch forces massing for an attack on the remaining
held by the Gorgon's troops. Over 3000 soldier now wait ready to attack,
including the mounted units from the Iron Hills.

(23/5) The Rhormarch army has finally begun the march toward Oden
after reports of large clouds of smoke covering the northern province.

(25/5) The source of the smoke has been discovered. The Goblin soldiers
holding Oden province have set the forest ablaze and are using the fires
a cover for an attack on the southern provinces. The Rhormarch army has
marched into the smoke cloaked province to meet the enemy.

(3/6) Reports from Oden province speak of a massive battle between the
Gorgon's Troops and those of the Rhormarch army. The sudden storm that
drench much of the land last night has put out the fires in the northern
forests. Both armies are believed to have meet in battle in the fields
outside the city of Oden, which has been deserted since it was first
by the Gorgon.

(9/6) The Rhormarch armies have finally broken through, driving the
remaining Goblin forces from the entire kingdom. There have however been
large losses on the Rhormarch side, including over 350 Iron Hills troops
and over 1500 Rhormarch soldiers. The survivors are securing the
border, and making sure all the Gorgon's soldiers have finally been

(13/6) Searchers in the city of Oden have found the body of prince Oden
his government. Many of them seems to have been tied to the walls of the
palace and been impaled through the heart with a sword or similar

The Iron Hills:

(1/4) The King has announced that a large force of nearly 1000 soldiers
will be sent to Rhormarch to enable that land to reclaim captured
from the Gorgon. The mounted units will be dispatched immediately.

(7/4) King Devlyn Finn has left on a trip to Anuire. He has taken one of
the smaller vessels from the Iron Hills fleet and is travelling in the
company of the Royal Guard.

(23/6) The king has returned from his trip abroad and almost at once
announced that the government will be increasing spending on law and
to ensure rich merchant do not escape paying their taxes.

(30/6) With the war in Rhormarch over for now, the Iron Hills has
its remaining troops. Nearly 350 soldiers out of those sent were killed
the battle for Oden province. The king has already called for new
to replace those lost in battle. A celebration has also been announced
celebrate the armies successes.

Other News:

Little else of interest has occurred this month.