Zero wrote:
> How do you other DMs approach the following? El-Hadid decides to initiate
> an Espionage action against (player rengent's name here) with the express
> intent of creating an Assasination random event. How would you inform the
> PC that she can spend RPs to bid against this espionage, surely not "hey
> there's an assasination attempt coming, want to bid against it?" What do
> you tell the players, how much info do you give them?

Especially the assassination would be roleplayed by my DM I think,
and with RP bidding, well tell the player that he/she 'senses that
there is something afoot', you'll get info from you're informants,
from your mystical connection to the land etc. Just say something
will happend, you don't know what, but you feel being pushed around
and not totally in controll, will you address the matter? And he/she
will decide to spend RP's against it.
In an assassination attempt which failed becouse of the contra
bidding, have the killer arrested, cought, beaten, killed, stopped at
the border with or without the knowledge of the player. Is the succes
of the attempt marginal, make a roleplay situation in which the PC
can fight the assassin. In an obvious succes, make something
different with the attempt, say poisoning. The roleplay would not be
in the act itself but in the manners others or the PC himself work wo
survive (lingering poison is quite neat: PC will live on the brink of
death for many a day, unable to do Domain actions and see the usurper
take his holdings away, gna gna gna).
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