Our group has been playing BR for probably 7-8 months now.
Inititially we were over in Endier, and before we went to the
sword & crown (Nice Adventure), we had already had one of our party
become a new & powerful awnsheghlien. Several more party members
died during the adventure.

Now, although we all have bloodlines, and some of us are quite strong
in them, none of us were regents. We then began another quest,
provoked by the sword mage, and a new invasion by the Gorgon.
Whilst travelling through the shadowlands we encountered a group of
gnomes, which we had never seen before, and learn't about other
lands, or planes.

This is where I took over as GM. The players were getting a bit
testy about the attitudes of some of those regents, so I had them
encounter and destroy an evil mages laboratory. It just so happens
that this particular mage was researching time travel, or

After the PC's had destroyed him, (they think??) they went through a
magical portal to the lands of the Khinasi, 500 years in the past.
This enabled the PC's to abandon their hatreds and biases towards
some rulers, who of course don't exist yet, and also to get away from
some very powerful enemies.

I have used a lot of the customs, from Al-Quadim, combining them with
the Khinasi book. It is a rich atmosphere in the end, although no
D'Jinn are present. The PC's proceded to wipe out an evil guild
whose aim was to destroy the city of Djafra. This gave them a level
0 holding.

Since then they have foiled assassination attempts against the ruler,
and helped him in many ways. To assure their continuing support, he
gave the protection of the realm into their hands. They have also
aquired a temple holding, a thieves guild, they made a hotel chain
(Guild holdings), constructed trade routes, and the accompaning

Their holdings are all around level 3 - 4 in size in the city of
Djafra, and level 0 or 1 in some others. The PC's govern as a group
in this instance. Not only does it force them to help one another,
(strange time, strange place) they are also much stronger together
than apart.

In terms of actions they get the normal Domain turns plus one free
each, and one character each. Adventures are domain actions as
well as character actions, and can come up at any time in a month.

It is interesting to note that if you shift the timeline back 500
years it doesn't change all that much. Although only approx. 1 year
has gone past, they haven't altered history yet. Most of the major
adversaries already exist and it is after the wars between the
anurie, and khinasi.

Also it allows the GM to build one or more PC's into awnsheghlien if
he wants, as they become too powerful, or unbalance the game. If you
know when a major awnsheghlien will appear and you know when, you can
manipulate events so the PC's are there at the right time, give or
take, and that after a few subtle hints, a PC decides to become the
new awnsheghlien. In the end it satisfies both GM and Players.

Currently they are searching for the lost kingdom of the dwarves
(Khinasi book, mountian range near Djafra. I think??) If they find it
and can communicate with the dwarves, I guess it will be up to them
to see if they alter time. If they don't tell anybody, and the
dwarves remain hidden, secreting goods out from time to time then in
effect the timeline remains unchanged.

Also I was thinking of having them go over the sea of dragons, to a
land somewhat like the moonseas. It would be altered of course to
fit in, maybe no bloodlines, but something else.

Also in my campaign, a PC will only lose their bloodline if they are
killed by a being who:
1. Knows how to commit bloodtheft.
2. Deliberately stabs the character through the heart.
3. Knows that the character is blooded.

Recently the PC's were lured into a trap set by the Ogre. He is from
the additional adventures book. I gave him the additional blood
power which means he can only die if killed a certain way. The PC's
beat him and his cronies, which if you read the book are fasirly high
level. My PC's are only around 5th level.

At the end of combat only one PC was left standing, a cleric who
pretended to be dead until the last moment and struck the last blow
to the Ogre. The cleric did this specifically to steal his blood
strength, but missed and only killed him.

The PC's don't know that he is alive and will have his companions
raised asap, and that he will be a pain in their rear end for quite
some time.

By doing this it is very easy to stop the PC's from going out of
control, as who is to say who will be more powerful than them, and
most of them don't have that power.

Ow well this was supposed to be short.