zero wrote:

> I posted a semi-nested question earlier, not much response (thanks to
> who did, you know who you are :)
> Repeat:
> How do you other DMs approach the following? El-Hadid decides to
> an Espionage action against (player rengent's name here) with the express
> intent of creating an Assasination random event. How would you inform
> PC that she can spend RPs to bid against this espionage, surely not "hey
> there's an assasination attempt coming, want to bid against it?" What do
> you tell the players, how much info do you give them?
> Thanks for input!
> Tim Nutting

Say to the victim(a player regent) like this:

"Someone(not revealing true identity) attempts to an action that might harm
you or your domain or your subjects or .... What will you do? You can use
Espionage action to know who does what, or spend RPs and GBs to protect

The RPs and GBs spent is to increase guards, etc.

- - Son, Nuree