Brian Stoner wrote:
>If a regent were to dissappear for an extended period of time, would his
>domain and heir know that he was still living? Example: Bob, regent of
>Candlemakers Guild is walking through the forest one day when he meets a
>dryad. Dryads being what they are, he is not seen again by the members
>of his guild. In the real world, they would eventually consider him
>dead and hand the guild over to his heir. In Birthright, however, it
>would not be this simple. Consider--normally when a regent goes
>adventuring he still receives regency points, even while gone. He may
>not be able to spend them or do any domain actions, but he still gets
>the RPs. But if Bob dissappears, what happens? Does he still get the
>RPs? If so, wouldn't his heir still know he's alive? If he doesn't
>still get the RPs, why not? This may prove particularly important
>should Bob mysteriously return a few years later.

If you look at Havens of the Great Bay, a similar problem has already
cropped up for the King of Grabentod. I suggest that the heir would now the
regent is still alive since the regency had not become his or possibly
dead by tighmeavril. However, an extended absence (and thus a crippled
domain) might convince a strong leader to take over (invest) the domain holding
by holding. This can be done with each holding taking one month to
invest. The heir could even claim that the regent was killed by a bloodsilver
weapon and that he must now systematically take over the domain the hard
way in order to "save" it!

Of course a lot of this must depend on how you view regency points in
your campaign.

Dustin Evermore