I just visited the TSR web site http://www.tsrinc.com and noticed that
the release dates have been updated. Only three Birthright products are
scheduled to be put out through the end of the year. Generally the
products appear on the shelves a month after release. "King of the
Giantdowns" is scheduled for July. "Book of Priestcraft" in October.
And "Tribes of the Heartless Wastes sourcebook" goes out in December.
Waiting is a bumber. :-)

Also, there is some news regarding the Wizards of the Coast buyout.
Because sales of Birthright products were low (before the 6 month wait),
they are going to attempt to boost sales over the next 6 months.
However, if this does not work out, they may consider putting Birthright
on hiatus.

If you can, check out the TSR site for yourselves.

- -Brian