The theories proposed on the topic of Resurrection and Reincarnation
in Birthright are quite interesting. This latest one being one of the
more philosophical in nature.

Suffice it to say that I agree with Mr Chandler. It is probably not
possible for the "blood" to stay in a character that has been brought
back from the dead. Of course, all of this is subjective to the
individual preferences of the GM and his players.

It should be noted however, that a PC Regent in Birthright has
significantly more responsibility than the typical ADD character. As
such, the player should be a bit more cautious about when, where, and
with whom he risks his life with. Adventuring helps gain some levels
quickly, but if losing a well-developed character and starting over is
the cost . . . I'd think twice.

Good point Chandler.

What is the The Blood? Is it a type of radiant divine energy that exests
in the the world of Birthright. Released by the distruction of the gods
at Deisnaar. Those closest to the deities would become saturated with
this violent release. The rest of that energy would spred throught the
world waiting to be absorbed.

In my mind I see this divine energy as static and blooded characters and
NPC's as a type of capacitor, temperarily holding and storing this
energy. I see that this "capacitor" is made up of a living being, a soul
or spirit and a bloodline ie.Anduiras, Azrai, Vorynn etc.(the bloodline
would be a minute portion of the ancient god that it comes from, like
magical DNA). It is my understanding that a being must have a bloodline
to be blooded whether it comes to her geneticaly or by investiture or
bloodthift where by a blooded being is stabed through the heart. The
later, only imparting a portion of the blood.

If this were the case, then when that being died her blood would go back
from whence it came, like discharging a capacitor. This would happen
because one of the three elements becomes seporated.
If a raise dead or ressurection where used the being would again be
whole but with out the divine energy. The bloodline would remain the
same but she would have zero blood points. I know some of you are out
there saying "What about Magian and Siebharrin, they are both liches."
Well, that's another topic altogether.