All this is very interesting and helpful (damn, someone musta read my mind,
I was about ready to post this kind of question).

I have another question to throw into this mixture:

1) Lieutenant Actions and ruling lands from afar.

The Rulebook says that the Regen may take one (1) action per domain turn (3
months) free as a "Lieutenant Action". However, there is only one action
allowed no matter the number of Lietenants.
I would think that these NPCs are allowed to make as many actions as they
would like, but can the regent direct any of these? How is the lieutenant
action supposed to work?
Lilliene Swordraith, Queen of Aerenwe, has 2 very trusted lieutenants from
the Sielwode (according to Ruins of Empire). And these 2 fighter/mages
help out Marlae Roesone frequently against Diemed. Does Swordwraith guide
any of these actions?
I've also seen several places in the books where it's mentioned that the
lieutenants virtually run the domains with the blooded regent as a
figurehead. That's almost a contradiction to the rules I've read (not that
I'm above breaking the rules, I just wonder how that affects the continuity
of the system).
All this is leading up to a big one: Can the lieutenants virtually govern
a domain for a regent should that regent suddenly disappear for a long
period of time (adventure or kidnapping or some such)? Of course, this can
happen if one of the LTs in invested as regent, but can it happen the other
way around? I need my PCs to go to the Drachenaur moutains, and one of
them is the regent of Roesone (correct me on this, but is this or is this
not the MOST popular country for player regents? EVERYONEs been the regent
of Roesone/Aerenwe/Ilien/Medoere.. :)

Question 2:

How does a regent know when to spend RP and GB to affect "secret" actions
against her/him?

One character (PC/NPC) decides to use an Espionage action to initiate an
assanation. Technically, the target could spend RP to block this attempt.
How? The target DOES NOT know the attack is coming (until the Assassin
strikes), and usually the opposing regent doesn't send the assassin all
wrapped up and say "hey, I'm going to try to assasinate you, beat my
Does "Fate" in the form of a PC just know something is up and gets to
spend RP? How does the DM handle this situation (certainly not "umm, Jasen
Rainech is sending one of his personal assassins in after you, wanna spend
RP to affect the roll?) This applies to other espionage/contest and all
that other good offensive stuff out there too.
I fully agree with the earlier suggestions that the regent really would
not know who was behind an intelligent domain action (such as a subtle
guild contesting) My thought on that is that a regent would first have to
lay the groundwork for a "stealth attack" by succeeding in a successful
Espionage action first, and that might even confer bonus effects like a
complete surprise attack.

Sorry for stirring up the mix
(not really)

Tim Nutting