>> My next question concerns paladins. Are paladins able to cast
>>realm spells in the spheres that they have available to them. I would
>>think so as long as they are of the appropriate level to cast the
>>spell but I was just wondering since the rule book does say that only
>>priests and wizards can pray for/cast realm spells.
>I would assume Yes, Paladins can since they do collect full regency for
>Temple holdings. It's not explicitly stated, but since IMC I have a PC
>Paladin in charge a significant temple, I didn't want to limit him terribly.
>It'll already take quite a while before he can cast them...

Actually, I would have assumed the opposite. The spells are PRIEST spells,
not priest/paladin. As well, under the title "priest realm spells" ,it says
"like mages, PRIEST regents.." This would seem to indicate only priests can
cast realm spells. I don't recall where, but I am sure I previously read
somewhere that paladins cannot cast theses spells, but unfortunately, I
can't rememeber the source.