Michael Keeton wrote:
> As I understand it, the elves do not follow any gods and thus they
>have no priests. However, my source book on Tuarhievel states that
>the regent Fhileraene passes his bloodline onto a human before he
>falls into the hands of the Gorgon. There are no temples in Tuarhievel
>so I was wondering how the elves are handling matters of investiture.
>I realize that something could simply be made up for how the bloodline
>was passed on but it seems to me that since the elves as a whole have no

>priests that passing along their bloodlines could be quite problemsome
>for them in every elven kingdom.

I assumed the Thorn Throne had the power to invest in Tuarhievel.

> My next question concerns paladins. Are paladins able to cast
>realm spells in the spheres that they have available to them. I would
>think so as long as they are of the appropriate level to cast the
>spell but I was just wondering since the rule book does say that only
>priests and wizards can pray for/cast realm spells.

I would assume Yes, Paladins can since they do collect full regency for
Temple holdings. It's not explicitly stated, but since IMC I have a PC
Paladin in charge a significant temple, I didn't want to limit him terribly.
It'll already take quite a while before he can cast them...

Dustin Evermore