Oh, and the 7th level regent from Aerenwe isn't powerful? Think
again. He's got a decent sized holding, a, no, THE most powerful mage
in Anuire for a neighbor and a pretty good sized guild in his area.
And, he's 7th level - no slouch in any ADD world save for Dark Sun

An assassination at a meeting of regents is a good idea, but a tough
one to pull off. If you assassinate the wrong (to powerful) person,
the players will complain that there is realism, or a big war, and if
you assassinated to small a ruler (to weak) you risk indifference.

If the regent of Aer- is the target then you MUST give him a chance.
As I said previously, you can't just 'off' a character - for whatever
reason. You could use this as his chance at redemption. Or,
depending on how the deed goes down, he might be holed up for a time,
and the other PCs head out and gain some levels to even the playing
field. (7th level isn't all that far off - what 80k xps at worst?)

Well, I've given you two or three good suggestions. I hope that they
weren't to specific to be useless, or to broad to be undefined in your
campaign. E-mail me if you need more help - hey, I'm the ADD
equivalent of an "Armchair Quarterback" - the Shadow DM!!!


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Thanks for the tip. He is a nice guy but the reason he was going to be
assassinated ( got it right I hope :) ) is because a meeting of regents
is being called in Illien (sp?). I was going to use this meeting to
create some alliances and enemys and introduce some real nasty NPCs to
the game. An assassin will only attack under very specific
circumstances. If he offends too many nobles (like the rep from Avanil)
he might find one knocking on his door. I would also let him make saves
to see if the assassin was detected. The idea of making him make a new
charater to adventure with was very good and I'll bring it up next game.