A while back, some one wrote:

"In addition, a dwarf PC in one of my campaigns is constantly
referring to his Baruk-Azhik handbook and using it as "laws he must
follow". I cannot seem to convince him that it should be a resource
for him, sometime to enrich how he sees his kingdom, not as a set of

Obviously, this player thinks that the B-A- handbook had some cool
stuff in it. From what I understand, having heard but not read it, it
is. One thing as a player that I always wanted is for the GM to
either use the material that I presented to him, or to use the book
material a bit more. Everyone likes some parts of an adventure
tailored specifically to them. In BRT the GM has a tough job managing
the game, but as far as detailed events using written material goes -
he's got it easy.

There are at least 10 usable plot-lines in every one of those
handbooks, and this player would like to follow some of them. So,
just encourage him. Drop him a hint concerning one of them and let
him pursue it in his own fashion. Hey, look what do you have to gain;
a happy player, a cool storyline, and a very easy adventure hook - all
for little or no effort on your part.

Besides, the quicker you finish with those little storylines, the
quicker you get to input your own lines. Or alternatively, the
quicker the player has to start being creative and discovering new
adventure for his regency.

Easy enough??