As I understand it, the elves do not follow any gods and thus they
have no priests. However, my source book on Tuarhievel states that
the regent Fhileraene passes his bloodline onto a human before he
falls into the hands of the Gorgon. There are no temples in Tuarhievel
so I was wondering how the elves are handling matters of investiture.
I realize that something could simply be made up for how the bloodline
was passed on but it seems to me that since the elves as a whole have no
priests that passing along their bloodlines could be quite problemsome
for them in every elven kingdom.

My next question concerns paladins. Are paladins able to cast
realm spells in the spheres that they have available to them. I would
think so as long as they are of the appropriate level to cast the
spell but I was just wondering since the rule book does say that only
priests and wizards can pray for/cast realm spells.

My final question relates to establishing games. I was wondering
if there is a site where people can meet through e-mail or something to
establish a game in their area. I move around quite a bit and I know
that sometimes it is hard to find a group that plays Birthright in your
area. I will be moving to Hawaii soon so I have to find some wouldbe
regents to conquer. (evil grin) -Michael