So, What I'm hearing is that people are having difficulty customizing
characters? I understand that many people prefer some sort of
formalization of their characters unique qualities. But let me just
say that although I enjoy the kits, and proficiencies, specializations
and abilities, none of it stacks up to the times when I have forsaken
most of that and just pulled it out of my nether regions.

I do think that the re-vamped non-weapon proficiencies from S&P are a
welcome advancement, but the rest just leaves the game open (more so
than ever) to the player who abuses the rules to create a 'tank' PC.
This is generally done by simply creating a weapons master. Great, he
can take on 5th level ftrs at 1st level now. Throw caution to the
wind everyone - we're our own gods now.

In terms of the BRT campaign, I think that it is unnecessary and takes
away a good deal of the games flavor. If you need the formalization
of your character's uniqueness, then work with your DM. It's much
more enjoyable and less selfish on the players part because he is
involving the DM in the creative process - which will also get you
more loot specific to your 'unique' class and more adventures tailored
to him as well. By using S&P you are opening up the rules to be
abused by the hack/slash gamer and you risk the DM having to react
accordingly - like sending an NPC weapons-master of his own to
bug/annoy/harass/badger/etc. the party.

Your Choice Dude.

Bah I find Skills & Powers excellent to customize characters...ok
it's true that Blood Abilities are a great way to depic unique
characters, but I don't think that it clashes with the adoption of
a character points system...a system that I like especially for how
it works with proficiencies.