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    Resurection in BR

    At 04:48 PM 6/23/97 -0400, Matthew Colville(

    > In all the AD&D Campaigns I've played in, the questions were: how
    >important are you? How much money do you have? In Birthright, I've
    >decided that it's far, far easier to get Raised than it would be in
    >another campaign, because in Birthright you're much more likely to have
    >a phenomenal amount of power, money, and responsability at 1st level
    >than you ever could in any other campaign setting.
    >Additionally, churches like WIT are more political than churches in
    >other settings. Therefore you'd be more worth Raising, and they'd be
    >more likely to want to Raise you.

    I agree that this would seem the case, but as you know from when we have had
    this discussion in the past, I don't see it supported by the setting
    itself(ie. there is no mention of any great Rulers and Heroes, or thier
    loved ones, coming back from the dead). Besides IMHO, it adds the proper
    feel to the setting if death is a permanent condition. But thats just me.


    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
    the province of life or death;
    the road to survival or ruin.
    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    -Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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    David Hineman

    Resurection in BR

    I would like to make a supposition...

    What is the The Blood? Is it a type of radiant divine energy that exests
    in the the world of Birthright. Released by the distruction of the gods
    at Deisnaar. Those closest to the deities would become saturated with
    this violent release. The rest of that energy would spred throught the
    world waiting to be absorbed.

    In my mind I see this divine energy as static and blooded characters and
    NPC's as a type of capacitor, temperarily holding and storing this
    energy. I see that this "capacitor" is made up of a living being, a soul
    or spirit and a bloodline ie.Anduiras, Azrai, Vorynn etc.(the bloodline
    would be a minute portion of the ancient god that it comes from, like
    magical DNA). It is my understanding that a being must have a bloodline
    to be blooded whether it comes to her geneticaly or by investiture or
    bloodthift where by a blooded being is stabed through the heart. The
    later, only imparting a portion of the blood.

    If this were the case, then when that being died her blood would go back
    from whence it came, like discharging a capacitor. This would happen
    because one of the three elements becomes seporated.
    If a raise dead or ressurection where used the being would again be
    whole but with out the divine energy. The bloodline would remain the
    same but she would have zero blood points. I know some of you are out
    there saying "What about Magian and Siebharrin, they are both liches."
    Well, that's another topic altogether.

    This is just a theory, what do you think.

    - -Chandler

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    Resurection in BR

    I believe that the Magian become what he is today because of the
    But how did he get the blood and meantime come from another place?
    I have two theorys.

    1. He got it when he come to the cost. He killed the king and got his

    2. He got it earlier, but was chased away from the land. They hunted him
    to the coast and there were a very bad wether, so the magian was driven
    away with the waves. But he didn't die(he is undead and do not need
    oxrygen). When he woke up he found that he was deeeep down in the ocean.
    He did not know which way was west so he just started to walk (he walked
    east, bad luck). Then he come the another coast. He met a warrior king
    that he killed and took all his men(they thought that he was so
    cool(around 4C=BA)). He took the ships and traveled to the west. They com=
    to a realm and killed the king.
    - --The End--

    What do you think?


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    Resurection in BR

    >In the end there can be only one.

    Actually as the bloodlines are tainted more and more by marriage with
    non-blooded spouses, the bloddliens are diminishing...
    So one might say that 'In teh end, there can only be none'...
    An interesting dilemma indeed.

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    Resurection in BR

    In a message dated 97-06-26 13:51:16 EDT, you write:


    I would tend to agree. Although new to BR I see blooded characters like
    those from Highlander. They were immortal until someone cut off their head,
    then their power was released to the victor. In the end there can be only
    one. I view blooed characters like this. Perhaps this is why there are few
    resurrections/raise dead spells used. Who would want a former ruler with no
    blood points as their regent? Only the strong shall survive.

    On a side note, those of you with trouble with resurrection do you use the
    limit of their constitution? A character looses one point of CON for every
    such resurrection. And resurrection cannot allow one to live beyond their
    natural maximum age. I think this with some of the other answers generated
    on this list (priests of one faith *only* resurrecting those *worthy*/of the
    same alignment/of the same faith/etc.) Another thought that has just occured
    to me is this: what if the priest who casts the spell wants something in
    return? What if she wants to rule from behind the throne? How much would a
    regent's successor be interested in letting a priest have power instead of

    Just some thoughts...

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