>One other thing we do to add a bit of uniqueness to our game is that we have
>created a distinction between Priests and Clerics. A Priest of a particular
>God/ess is one who have devoted his entire life to their chosen deity and
>has been blessed with the certain benefits that particular deity allows. A
>Cleric, however, is not much more than a pencil-pusher, and takes care of
>records, a small parish, or aids a particular Priest in his/her duties.

What an intriguing idea. This certainly takes clerical magics off the
shelf as it were. What a great little idea, I'm quite smitten with it, I
am :)
As a gm, this puts back some of that bite of being wounded - I like that.

>The only magic they have is that of Orisons from S&M (for those who an

What's S&M ? I already that S&M, I mean the AD&D one... geesh...

>guidance or protection of another God/ess. I mean, why ask Erik for help
>when you are going on a sea voyage? Nesirie is a better bet.

Personally, I always stick with the Lady of Grief, for there's nothing
like a lightening storm at sea, to make you a true beleiver...

>"Hell is other people." - Jean-Paul Sartre

I beleive it was Dorothy Parker who, when answering her front door, would
state: "Oh, what fresh Hell is this ?". Who knows, he may of gotten it
from her....