Our BR Campaign is done using S&P, but...if you are a Paladin, Priest or
Druid of a particular God/ess, then you are assumed to already have spent
your CLASS CPs, and take the benefits listed at the back of the BR rulebook.
Also, if you become a demihuman, then you are also assumed to have already
spent your RACE CPs, and take the benefits listed at the beginning of the BR

One other thing we do to add a bit of uniqueness to our game is that we have
created a distinction between Priests and Clerics. A Priest of a particular
God/ess is one who have devoted his entire life to their chosen deity and
has been blessed with the certain benefits that particular deity allows. A
Cleric, however, is not much more than a pencil-pusher, and takes care of
records, a small parish, or aids a particular Priest in his/her duties.
The only magic they have is that of Orisons from S&M (for those who an
unsure of what these are, they are the Clerical equivalent of Cantrips).
This reduces the number of high level Priests in my game, putting them a
little bit more on par with Mages in BR. I do not want
healing/resurrection/raise dead to be a common occurrence. There's nothing
worse than a PC or NPC getting hit and knowing they're only a town away from
a low level Priest who can fix his wounds. That's why Clerics (our
version) are in charge of most of the village churches, and Priests often
reside in larger cities, or a major town, or an abbey, along with numerous
Clerics. For every Priest found in our campaign, there's probably another
20 Clerics (rough guess this).

Also, to stop the Priest being able to heal anyone he/she chooses, and to
reflect the distinction BR places between various faiths, a Cleric or Priest
can only heal or bless members of his own faith. Therefore, when you find a
Cleric at a small village, odds are the rest of the village is of his faith
also. I mean, why stay at a place that does not coincide with your
religious beliefs? This also enables the Priest in our party to be more
than a walking medi-kit. And to convert to his particular religion to be a
recipient of his healing? Well...that's up to him, but it usually takes a
fair amount of devotion and assurance. Possibly 12 months. At the least.

The people of Cerilia, in our campaign, are a very religious lot. They may
not all worship a particular God all the time, but the commoners (as well as
the nobles, etc.) do believe in the Gods, with maybe 1% - 2% being atheists.
And not everyone sticks to one particular God/ess all the time - they may
have their favourite, but depending on the situation, they may seek the
guidance or protection of another God/ess. I mean, why ask Erik for help
when you are going on a sea voyage? Nesirie is a better bet.

Anyway...I've rambled enough.


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