At 10:44 PM 6/22/97 -0400, Michael Driagnts(
>How do you guys handle resurection in BR. We just started playing and
>I'm co-GMing. I'm arguing with my Gm that you can't res in this
>universe. He thinks that you can be resurected if you died normally or
>had blood theft happen and I think that resuretion sould not take place
>after a blood theft and probably not after a normal death either.

Its the return of the hot topic. :) Because of the unique nature of PCs in
BR(at least the Blooded ones)this can be handled in several ways. In my
campaign a character can *only* be brought back from the dead using Priest
Resurection (sp?). I made modified tables for each diety that grants the
spell, so one has to strongly consider what god they should beseech for this
great boon. Also if the character had a Bloodline they return without it,
but have the ability to reclaim one if they perform BT themselves. If they
died as a result of Bloodtheft I would alow the character to sense the
location of the thief and possibly track them down. I must point out that
while I have made these considerations the actual circumstances have not
come up where they have been used. The only PCs to have died have chosen not
to be returned and just began new characters. Once again this is IMHO.


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