Im new too so be nice.
That thing with making things up by yourself is a good idea but if they arent
official ive noticed that the whole thing lacks presentation and it just
doesnt seem right,but that probably a personal opinion.
And referring back to Anuire i think that the regional supplements of brect ,
khinasi and rjuvik (who comes up wuth these names?) have domains that are much
more powerful than they should be.
Anuire is supposed to be the most powerful area in the game but its most
powerful kingdom has only one level7 province whereas Muden have four.
I would have thought Avanil and Boeruine would have been the most powerful and
developed kingdoms in cerilia.
Oh and i think the domain books set in Anuire were bad choices. There should
have been one on a powerful kingdom like Avanil or at the very least Diemed
because many people play birthright because it is a High powered game and
controlling Illien just doesnt give the same feel .