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    Re[2]: Domain Actions

    It seems that my comment about having 12 actions has caused a bit of a
    stir. I would like to describe here how myself and another regent
    came to posess such authority, and how that situation worked in game

    First, let me add that the two of us who were the fore-runners of this
    strategy have very different styles of game. I like to role-play to
    the hilt, but not un-necessarily. I do it with an objective in mind,
    and to enhance the flavour of the game. My friend, likes to role-play
    in a similar fashion, but he uses even more so for the advancement of
    his objectives - very pragmatic.

    The way we obtained our vassals was similar, but we went about it in
    very different fashion. We both placed, or role-played a burgeoning
    friendship into existence with the NPC who we wanted to be the vassal.
    The people that we chose were done so with the objective of finding
    someone who could do something for us that we weren't particularly
    skilled at, or someone who could do something for us to keep our
    actions from being spread to thin. Hey, how do you think Michael
    Roele ruled the whole empire? Not with 3 actions he didn't. He had
    vassals. Or, more to the case-in-point - how does Aeric Boeruine or
    the Gorgon do it? With vassals - And a couple of free actions now and

    Next, we sweetened the deal to ensure their joining the cause. The
    'aura' that a regent posesses goes a long way towards winning friends
    and influencing people even if the charisma score isn't all that high.
    (although my character did have a 16 Char). But more than just the
    aura, we offered position or rank in the movement to put a true regent
    on the throne. A little money thrown in doesn't hurt, and a title
    always makes a person of otherwise humble origin feel wanted and
    loved. Sounds cheesy, but how did you get that girl/guy to go out
    with you last week?

    Finally, we treated them favourably. When I used these new found
    actions, it was usually in one of two ways. First, as often as
    possible, I used the additional moves to benefit the new acquisition's
    holdings. What good is a guilder with a total of five holdings? Not
    as much as a guilder who now has 14. With a little royal backing,
    things went pretty smooth and pretty soon, Nearly all of Roesone was
    under the family's control. Second, when I didn't use them directly
    for the vassal, I explained to the vassal (the DM) in a short note,
    what I needed her to do.

    The GM told us that as long as we did these things and didn't screw
    over our vassals we should be okay. Obviously there was a limit to
    what we could do, but I don't think that either of us really pushed
    the envelope in that sense. Also, it took a bit of weight off of the
    already-burdened GM from having to run yet another 6 NPC's just for
    the benefit of two (of 7) PCs.

    The GM requirement that he rubber-stamp the proposed moves also helped
    us occasionally. Since we tried to role-play when possible I found
    that sometimes the GM/NPC would offer valuable suggestions and
    alternatives at times in lieu of simply rubber-stamping our requests.

    Any objections?

    >> An interesting view of BR vassalage....
    >> IMHO, I'd say that more than 4 actions is somewhat abusive, but similiar
    >>effects can be achieved with some kick-bum diplomacy actions, too... :)
    >I didn't think it was abuse... but the actions from the vassals, IMC, would
    >be required to be on a separate list... one list per vassal... and the DM
    >has to consider whether those actions would damage the vassal's domain. If
    >those actions did lead to a reduction of the vassal domain, then that vassal
    >will have some serious words to her/his liege about what is going on!
    >eg, if, to protect the whole realm and other vassals, the overlord removed
    >troops from one vassal's domain that vassal would be thinking "Hang on -
    >didn't I raise those troops to protect MY domain? WHERE ARE THEY GOING??
    >This sort of resistance makes sense, IMHO...

    An interesting alternative; personally I like my vassals to be npcs in
    hands of the gm, or another pc. I just find that it generates so much more
    The 12 actions per turn isn't that bad, but it has quite hte potential
    destroy game balance [or what ever passes as balance in BR :) ]

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    Re[2]: Domain Actions

    In a message dated 97-06-24 01:32:12 EDT, you write:

    > The GM told us that as long as we did these things and didn't screw
    > over our vassals we should be okay. Obviously there was a limit to
    > what we could do, but I don't think that either of us really pushed
    > the envelope in that sense.

    Actually, I envisioned vassalage as the key ingredient in empire-making when
    I wrote the BR realm rules. Kingdoms of more than 7-10 provinces become
    terribly unwieldy when one person tries to hold on to all the power; setting
    up satraps (i.e., vassals) who can use their actions (generally) on your
    behalf is just smart play. And, as you observed, getting a good lieutenant
    right at the start is mandatory for running your domain.

    Rich Baker
    Birthright Designer

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