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Southern Anuire News - Issue 18 (Roelir / 571 MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel
>From her Imperial City offices.

Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper
available in the city of Anuire for 1 GP/copy.
Produced once every three months Correspondents include:

Medoere - Aeric Gallant (Minor priest in temple of Rournil)
Roesone - Roesone Intel (Roesone secret police)
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer (Local merchant)
Endier - Caine the wizard (Local Identity)
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel (Editor of newspaper)
Ghoere - Paeghen Valesie (Respected noble identity)
Gorgon's Realm - Various Travellers
Iron Hills - Various Travellers
Other - Various guilds and travellers

* Correspondents are required from other kingdoms, pay is 10 gp/three

Sarimiere - Roelir 571 MR


(3/1) Following the recent thefts that have occurred across Braeme
the city watch and the Temple guard have been given increased powers to
arrest and detain suspected thieves. Already the jails are filling up
shifty looking sorts who were discovered loitering about the streets

(5/2) More farmers and villagers have been reported missing near the
Spiderfell, locals are now asking for military assistance from the
So far no reply from Braeme has been received.

(7/2) Local farmers in Caerwil province have reported seeing the Spider
itself marching through the trees near the edge of the Spiderfell. This
the first time the Awnshegh has been seen in many years and some who
near the dark forest are preparing for the worst.

(24/3) Despite all the measures that have been taken to prevent theft
money has been stolen from the Medoere treasury. Officials report that
money just seems to have disappeared. The regent is reported to be
and has ordered a round the clock guard inside and out of the treasury


(4/1) Battles have been fought between the mysterious cult in Ghoried
province and the Baron's army. So far the Baron has not been successful
hunting down the cult, as its members tend to flee before the troops
arrive. It is believed that they may have a hideout somewhere in the
wilderness near the Spiderfell, or Ghoere.

(26/2) Roesone Intelligence has located the cults headquarters over the
border in Ghoere. Baron Kawn has sent a message to Ghoere asking for
permission to destroy the cults headquarters.

(4/3) Ghoere has not given its permission for Roesone forces to cross
border in pursuit of the evil cult that has been terrorising villagers
Ghoried province. Instead Ghoere seems to be defending the cult with its
own troops. Some are now suspicious that the whole incident may have
been a
Ghoere plot to capture part of Roesone.

(13/3) Roesone and Ghoere forces are massing along each others border
"exercises" so far no hostilities have been reported.

(19/3) Both sides have settled in along the border. Almost all of
forces are now deployed along its northern border. How long this can go
for is unknown, but several members of the army have advised the Baron
protect southern provinces in case of a suprise attack.


(4/1) Lasica Diem has sent units of the armed forces into the streets in
attempt to put an end to the fighting between rival priests in Moere

(5/1) The army seems to have halted most of the fighting between the
religions in Moere, but the cause of the problem is still present.
priest are still angry with Medoere building a temple in the province
using the wealth to subvert the loyal worshippers. The temple to Haelyn
still fully staffed despite the low turnout at mass, and the priest
have taken to carrying weapons where ever they go.

(6/1) The army was forced to break up a pitched battle between rival
priests. Several Rournil worshippers were injured in the scuffle.

(15/3) The army still remains deployed around Moere to prevent any
violence, but things seems to have quietened down for the moment.
both temples have been boosted by new members as of late and trouble
be just around the corner.


(7/2) The Maesil river has flooded again this year, covering several
lying farms in water. Most of the towns and villages in Endier seem to
safe for the moment however. This years flooding seems to be much less
last years.

(29/3) The flood waters that had been threatening Endier's towns have
receded. Only a few low lying farms were flooded.

Imperial City:

(9/1) The city watch has reported a rise in the number of murders for
year. Other forms of crime have also increased over the last 12 months
the city council has called on nobles in charge of the various city
districts to increase their spending over the next year.

(13/1) Darien Avan has announced that he will be increasing the size of
city watch in the districts under his control. A large sum of money has
been mentioned. Also from Avanil comes the news that the Avanil army is
be increased in size over the next few month. Many are wondering if
can afford to maintain such a large army despite its holdings.

(21/1) There has been a noticeable lack of any further pirate attacks
last month, despite the continuing refusal of Medoere to use its navy to
protect vessels travelling in the southern waters east of Anuire City.

(27/1) Darien Avan is in town overlooking the construction of a new city
watch house in the noble sector. He gave a long speech about how this
building will protect the people of the city from the crime that others
have allowed to spread throughout Anuire City.

(25/2) There has been some minor flooding in the lower sectors of the
again this year, but nothing like the previous year. Once again the
melt in the mountains to the north have increased the volume of water
travelling down the Maesil river. By the time the water has reached
City however much has drained away into other lands.

(29/2) Darien Avan has left the city after a prolonged stay at his
residence in the noble district. He is believed to have been working on
several business contract, and arranging shipment of needed supplies
his stay. Avanil has experienced a shortage in food is some provinces
a long winter and a poor harvest the previous year. It is not expected
this shortage will last long however with this year crop looking to be a
good one. Travellers are advised however that prices in Avanil may be
higher than usual over the next couple of months.

(4/3) Crime has been almost non-existent in the noble sector with the
Avanil sponsor city watch units patrolling the streets day and night to
keep away vagrants and other undesirables.

(17/3) A ship limped into the harbour this week complaining that they
been attacked by pirates south of Medoere. The pirates boarded the
and made off with several large crate of fine Khinasi silk. The Prince's
Pride guild is now talking of asking the regent of Medoere to pay for

(23/3) Diemed navel vessel have engaged to unknown vessels, believed to
pirates. One of the enemy ships was sunk while the other larger vessel
south. The Diemed ships lost the second pirate vessel as night fell.
Merchants from Anuire city and other ports have applauded the Diemed
actions, some even sending gifts to the Baron of Diemed.


1: The Avanil navy offer protection from pirates haunting our southern
water. apply at the Avanil embassy in the imperial city for further
2: The Collage of Sorcery seeks cleaners and cooks, a fearless attitude
3: Announcement: All ships must now pay a tax of 5gp to cover the cost
repairs to the docks.
4: Sailor's needed. Contact the Anuirean Trading Company at our new
on Coin Street, right opposite the Prince's Pride offices.
5: Are you in need of protection, contact Alric at the Black Rose
6: The city watch is looking for new members, good wages paid and
7: Got a problem needing removing, see Alric at the Black Rose Tavern
for a
quick fix.
8: Are you short of cash the see Halidie Gorsited for a loan.


(9/2) It is believed that the Spider itself has been about in his
with farmers in northern Medoere claiming to have seen the creature. It
believed also that Goblins from the Spiderfell may be responsible for
several villagers in Medoere and Roesone going missing over the past few


(12/2) Work is proceeding well on the Ghoere - Osoerde road with the
end nearing completion. Already the new road is providing greater access
between the two kingdoms with merchants from both now able to travel
quickly between the capitals of the two lands.

(27/2) The Baron of Roesone has increased the size of his armies along
border with Ghoere. Ghoere troops have been alerted to the danger and
heading to the border to keep an eye on the expansionist Baron from the
south. Baron Kawn of Roesone is claiming that the mobilisation is in
response to the actions of an evil cult in northern Ghoried province.
Baron claims that the cult has fled into Ghoere and he is asking
to march his soldiers into Ghoere in pursuit of the alleged cult.

(5/3) The Ghoere army is now on full alert after Baron Tael demanded
Roesone stop its threatening actions towards its northern neighbour.
has been cancelled for member of the southern Ghoere army as all
soldier man the forts that protect southern Ghoere.

(24/3) The Ghoere army has been deployed for exercises along the
border in response to the Roesone armies "exercises" over recent days.

Gorgon's Realm:

(2/1) There has been no sign of the military aid from the Iron Hills
but Rhormarch commanders are hopeful that it will arrive soon so they
finish off the Gorgon's troops in the north of the country.

(7/1) Most of the enemy forces have now been driven north into the
provinces of Osternord & Rhorgaard. The main force seems to be based in
fortified city of Oden, which was sacked when the Gorgon's forces first
invaded the kingdom. The cities wealth is thought to have been stripped
taken north, while there has been no sign of prince Oden or the rest of
northern rulers.

(19/1) Rhormarch forces have finally broken through into the stronghold
the enemy armies in the Vicissitude mountains. There have been heavy
but the remaining enemy soldiers have been eliminated, finally freeing
of Werthangen province.

(23/1) Some refugees that fled into the Iron Hills shortly after the
invasion have returned to Rhormarch to live in the southern provinces.
has swelled the kingdoms population again somewhat. There still remains
large number of people missing however from the time of the invasion
months ago.

(7/2) The Rhormarch army has swept through Osternord province and
it in a daring attack. The Goblin soldiers protecting the province have
been crushed by the mounted units pouring into the province from the
In several battles over the last week or so nearly 500 goblin soldiers
been killed with only minor losses on the Rhormarch side. The Southern
is now preparing for an attack into the heavily fortified and protected
Rohrgaard province. It is believed that most of the remaining enemy
soldiers have rebuilt parts of the city of Oden and are digging in ready
for an attack.

(19/3) The Gorgon shows no sign of wasting any more units on the war in
Rhormarch. Over the last three months now new soldiers have been seen
heading south from Kiergard. Some are now wondering if the whole war was
nothing more than an exercise to reduce overcrowded goblin warrens
the Gorgon's Realm. Certain the Gorgon himself has not been seen since
start of the war when he lead the charge on the city of Oden. Some
have reported seeing the Awnshegh there at that time.

(24/3) The Rhormarch forces are nearly prepared for the assault on the
of Oden. The appear to be waiting however to see if the Iron Hills will
offer military support or not. With the influx of troops from the west
Rhormarch army would stand a good chance of driving out the Goblin
Also the southern army has not siege specialists and may need the skills
the Iron Hill's Dwarves before their attack can succeed.

(30/3) Still no sign of any support from the Iron Hills, several
have been sent seeking an audience with the Iron Hill leader Devlyn

The Iron Hills:

(3/1) The king Devlyn Finn has been busy strengthening the kingdoms
defenses in Mhowe. The main castle in the capital has been enlarged and
now hold nearly 1000 soldier, and villagers in case of a siege. The
room has also been increased in size at no small cost, and the King has
announced that he will be hiring minstrels and other entertainers to
in the castle and entertain those who are waiting to see him. Other
improvements to the castle, include the hiring of more kitchen and
staff, and improvements to the garden. Many are now saying that the
looks more like a western Anuire court that a small provincial court.

(23/1) Members of the various temples and guilds have been meeting with
King to discuss their role in the new kingdom. The guilds have backed
King fully, of course most of them already belong to the crown anyway.
temple however are still divided.

(7/2) The number of merchants making their home in Mhowe has increased
dramatically over the last month. The city is now becoming a large and
prosperous place, and an important stop over during the long journey
the Khinasi lands to the Anuirean kingdoms.

(29/2) The king has been busy in Lyssan province over the last week or
after an ancient abbey was found hidden in the mountains. A wealth of
and scrolls are believed to have been recovered by the Kings personal
soldiers and most have already been transported to the capital. The king
has declared the abbey area of limits however, due to the risk of Shadow
World creature in the vicinity.

(9/3) The books and scrolls recovered from the abbey in Lyssan province
have been handed over to the temple of Sarimie in the Capital. The large
temple has also been named the official religion of the Iron Hills,
although other religions are free to practice within the Kingdoms
as long as the required taxes are paid.

(30/3) Messengers from Rhormarch have arrived in the capital again
requesting aid for their beleaguered nation. The King has reserved his
decision until the next sitting of the court, next month.

Other News:

(8/2) Strange vessels have been seen again along Anuire's southern
coastline. The long thin, many oared ships attempted to avoid all
with other vessels, but they seemed to be mapping the coastline. The
sailed under a flag bearing the device of a black eagle on a field of
This symbol has not been seen before in Anuire, but may come from some
other part of Cerilia or from the southern continent. Merchants are
to report all sightings of these vessels as soon as possible.

(19/2) Rumours have been circulating that Boeruine may be preparing for
another attack on Avanil. This follows the trouble between navel vessels
the two kingdoms in the recent past. Although no blows were traded the
Boeruine navy seemed very unhappy to have the Avanil navy sailing off
coast of Boeruine.

(23/3) A massing of Boeruine troops along the southern border of the
has left many merchants and peasants scurrying for cover. There is now a
very real possibility that an invasion will soon commence.