This item is a standard sized monocle. It has a gold plated steel frame,
attached to a gold chain. To most who handle it the monocle has no
powers, but once in the hands of a blooded individual it manifests a
When a scion looks through the monocle at another blooded individual he
sees an aura around the person he is looking at. This aura is a
of the persons bloodline derivation and strength. The aura is larger for
person with a stronger bloodline and smaller for one with a weaker
bloodline. The monocle also displays a different tint to the aura for
bloodline derivation, as indicated below.

Derivation Colour

Anduiras Gold/Yellow
Reynir Red/Brown
Brenna Purple
Basaia Brown/Yellow
Masela Blue/Green
Vorynn Dark Green
Azari Black/Dark Red

In the right hands, and with a little practice the monocle can be used
determine the bloodline derivation and strength of any blooded scion
without them knowing. Just the thing for a scion out for a little
There are only thought to be three of these valuable items in existance.
One is in the hands of the High Priest of Medoere, the other in the
Gorgon's stony grasp. The final monocle was last seen in the hands of a
noble in Roesone shortly before his disappearance. It is still believed
be somewhere inside the Barony.

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