Just some stuff I came up with for my campaign.

The Royal College of Sorcery: For the purposes of
justifying the existence of other NPC groups (see below) thge Royal
College of Sorcery is, in my campaign, *extremely* insular in nature.
No faculty members, and no students of less than graduate level, are
allowed outside the walls of the College, and on those rare occations
when they do venture out, they are under strict restrictions not to
practise magic. The Royal College also enforces a ban on the use of
magic of any significant level in the Imperial City.

Most of the research done by the College centers around extra-planar

The Rogue Mages. There are three Rogue Mages. They
operate in the Imperial City in defiance of the Royal College's Ban on
High Level magic.

Norvien: Norvien is the Rogue Mage in charge of dealing
with the Imperial City. The Royal College tends to turn a blind eye
toward anything wierd happening in the Imperial City, and - as a result
- - Norvien has taken it upon himself to act as caretaker to the City.

Calien: Calien has adopted the responsibility of the
whole of Cerilia. He keeps tabs on all magicians of high enough level,
and usually knows something about any events occuring in Cerilia that
employ high level magic use. Calien would, for instance, know that
something strange was happening beneath the surfaceof Cerilia if the
PCs were going through Night Below.

Elemein: Elemein is Cerilia's version of Elminster. He
represents Cerilia in the multiverse. He would, for instance, be
likley to know about ancient artifacts in other Prime Material Planes,
how to get there, and probably have met some of the more powerful mages

A Rogue Mage as a PC. Allowing one of your players to be
a Rogue Mage can be extremely rewarding for both the GM and the Player.
The level of magic involved is extremely high, but an experienced GM
can easily deal with it.

First, pick the Rogue Mage you think would work best as a PC in your
campaign. Tell your player he has been an apprentice to a Mage in the
Imperial City for the past few years. The Player should not yet know
about the existence of the Rogue Mages, or the Royal College's outlook
on life.

Portray the Rogue Mage as a doddering old fool. Absent minded,
sometimes stern, never silly. After impressing upon the Player how
frumpy his Master is, how small the house in which they live is (maybe
three stories. Tall, but not wide,), and how meager thier living is,
have the Rogue Mage abruptly leave, investing the Player. Don't give
any explanation regarding where the Mage is going. This will allow you
to re-introduce the Mage much later in the campaign, once the Player
has gained some appreciation of the scope of power of thier former

After investing the PC, impress upon him how disorganized the house
is. There is an expensive and extensive alchemical laboratory,
thousands of pieces of paper scattered all over the place, piles of
books, and many potions.

If the player decides to clean the place up, tell him it will likely
take a month or two to organize and categorize everything. An
opportunity for a role-playing session exists here. Something should
happen to the PC before they get everything sorted out.

The Player should discover the will of thier former master. It is
specifically worded such that the extended absence of the mage is
sufficient, not necessarily his actual death. Also found should be a
ledger, indicating (falsely) that the PC owes about 6,000 gp to
Region & Steile Investments and Securities.

R&S, I&S is an extremely exclusive bank used by only the extremely
rich. It is small, understated and lacking any opulence. R&S is
impressive because of who banks there, and thier offices are very
quiet, tasteful, and it's employees are extremely well trained,
helpful, professional. Not obsequious.

The person in charge of the PC's Former Master's account will inform
the PC that the will is in order, and he now inherits the income and
debts of his former master. This should slightly worry the Player. He
should then be informed that the 6,000 gp is not a debt owed, but
rather the amount accrued monthly in interest on the bank account,
investments, and real estate owned by his former master. The PC has
something over a million gold in the bank. This will, of course, be
more money than any 1st level PC has ever had before. Don't worry
about this. What can the PC spend it on? Just say "sure" to anything
non-magical. Most things are only 'neat' to own, not functional.

When the month has gone by, inform the PC that the total magical cache
of his former master amounts to over 100 magical potions and 250
scrolls. Use any method you wish for determining the contends of these
potions and scrolls. For potions, I used the Encyclopedia Magica's
list and just kept rolling, ignoring duplicates. For scrolls, I used
the list of 'every spell, ever' that TSR posted as the contents of the
upcoming Wizard's Spell Compendium. A friend wrote a Pascal program to
generate the number of spells, thier level, and what they actually are,
using the WSC contents as a text file.

This gives the PC access to *extremely* powerful magic. The Player in
my campaign with this power has horded it and used it only when
desperate. He has a Wish on a scroll - he hasn't used it. He's got
two Permanencies - he hasn't used them. He has some extremely potent
stuff, 9th level spells like Juggernaut, than he still hasn't used and
the character is 9th level now. Your milage may vary.

While all this is going on, people will be coming to the PC, presuming
that either that his former master is still in business or that the PC
has assumed his master's mantle. In either case, the PC should slowly
learn what his master actually did, and his relationship with the other
two Rogue Mages. This can easily be achieved by couriers showing up
with messages for the PC's master, from the other Rogue Mages.
References for problems out of thier ballywick. "Thought this was more
up your alley. Let me know if you're too busy. . ." that sort of

It will eventually become natural for the PC to visit the other Rogue
Mages. They should have much more extensive offices. Huge mansions
doubling as businesses. The attitude of the other Rogue Mages may be
one of encouragement, or skeptical distance. Its up to you. I
recommend Skeptical Distance. The Rogue Mages hope the PC can take up
his former master's portfolio, and will help with any problems should
the PC show promise, but they will keep a safe distance in case the new
Rogue Mage is a bonehead.

Mind you, the Rogue Mages will suspend other important meetings to
talk to the PC, and usually grant him immedeate audience as a *peer*.
This should be a great honor to the PC. Do not be too patronizing,
however. Peers don't tend to look down thier noses at each other.

There were more NPC organizations that I was going to cover, but this
ended up being pretty long. More later. . .

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