A scion believes he knows where a tighmaevril weapon is. His halfling
friend can enter the Shadow World, where this weapon is supposed to be.

The adventure is written so PCs can be regents or not. This scion informs
the PCs of his discovery, so they can help him retrieve it; going into the
Shadow World alone would be madness, of course. He intends on giving the
weapon to the Regent in exchange for a "plum role" in the domain.

The PCs must travel to Mhoried, where the ruins of a keep lay, inside being
the portal to the Shadow World. Unknown to the PCs, agents of the Gorgon
have already learned about the shadow-keep and the Gorgon has sent some
henchman to locate the weapon.

PCs are attacked by these henchmen, as well as a wyvern. They make it to
the ruins, and enter the Shadow World. They must traverse the ruins,
going through ancient hallways, rooms, etc. There are skeletons, shadows,
zombie spiders, zombie rats, ochre jelly, ogre zombies, just to name a few
of the monsters they can encounter. Eventually they must fight a Helmed
Horror. The tighmaevril weapon is a magical spear, elven-made.

PCs then fight more henchmen and escape the Shadow World, only to encounter
Mhorien soldiers. If worse comes to worse, the Gorgon takes notice of the
PCs. Nota likely situation, but a chance nonetheless - one the PCs would
not be happy about.

This is just a nutshell version.


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