At 12:47 PM 6/11/97 +0000, Jaime T. Matthew(

>Phew. I guess I really had more to say on this matter than I
>thought. I hope this doesn't come across as unusually picky. I have
>very bright players, and it is difficult to challenge them without an
>equally intelligent plot. If there are obvious holes, they will find
>Does anyone else agree with me, or am I barking mad as usual?

I can't quite agree with you. I liked the fact that published BR Adventures
are little more then stories that the DM weaves the Players into. I always
completely rewrite any published Adventures I use to fit my PCs, and make
more palatable to me. I found that BR Adventures are the easiest to rewrite.
They give a framework that lets the DM create an interactive scenerio
around. Sword & Crown was a lot of fun when the story was reconstructed to
match my PCs. I know most people like to purchase an Adventure and use it
with as little work as possible(thats why they spent the money). But I can't
help liking the ones that are left "flexible" instead of trying to cover all
the bases, because a lot of time gets wasted on material I will never use.
Of course this is all IMHO.


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