This is kind of a plea to the BR designers on the list and anyone
else who might have taken the time to flesh this out...

An overview of the politics of the Vos region of the map of Cerilia
would be really, really helpful considering that the box for the
region has been put off indefinately while TSR and Wizards of the
Coast sorts through all of this buyout stuff. It has obviously been
created, just not published...

My co-DM and myself are trying to work the region into our overall
plans for the world, but we just don't have enough information to go
on -- who rules where... who is friends with whom? enemies? etc.
Our players aren't going to be allowed to go there until there is
more solid info, but we'd at least like to start dropping hints about
the politics of the region.

Oddly, there is more info on the Vos Awnsheghlien than the human
nations thanks to their individual supplement.

The basics of the region will hold us over nicely until the boxed set
finally comes out. At this stage, however, there is just one big grey
area.... This doesn't impact my Anuirean campaign too much, but his
Khinasi-based one is effected.

Thanks for any info you can share....

For that matter, has anyone else noticed that the other cultures
(Khinasi, Brecht & Rjurik) are better fleshed out than the Anuirean
one? They each get a dozen or so pages in their book setting up the
feel of the culture, while there is maybe a page or two of this for
the poor Anuireans. Just an observation.

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Jaime T. Matthew