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> From: Kariu@aol.com
> To: birthright@MPGN.COM
> Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - MBG--War Card Battles
> Date: Monday, 9 June 1997 12:42
> Hello all!...I have a question that perhaps some of you have found
answers to
> and I would appreciate some feedback. I've been aware of some BR-PBEM
> but the question of how to handle war card battles has always intrigued
> Does anyone have a good idea of how to conduct war card battles in a
> or chat based environment? I have thought of DM fiat's but that would
> away from players. Any information would be appreciated.

Interesting question. If there were not to many battle to do then I would
quickly run through each one using BR rules, but in a chat based enviroment
that would be impossible.
The only solution I could think of would be to design a system to carry out
a battle in just a few easy moves. Here a possible idea.
Add up all attack, defense values of the units involved, give each one so
many hp, ie Knights = 4, Cav =2, Arc=2, Inf=2, Lev=1 that sort of thing.
Then fight the war normally, except every point of damage takes one off the
total of the army, with a D result counting for 2 points of damage. As one
side takes damage then you would have to reduce its attack and defence as
units die.
Well something like that anyway, I'm just making this up as I go along.


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