Those of you who are planning to attend Gen Con will be pleased to hear that
we have all sorts of cool Birthright events planned. So many, in fact, that
we could use your help....

We are looking for volunteers interested in running demonstrations of the
Birthright game. This year's demo is a short role-playing scenario intended
to introduce beginners to basic Birthright concepts (bloodlines, regency,
awnsheghlien, and so on). The demo will take place in the TSR Castle during
Exhibit Hall hours (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10-6; Sunday 10-4).

We need two volunteers to staff the demo at all times--one to DM, and one to
interest people in playing, answer questions from passers-by, perhaps play
NPCs, etc. You can volunteer as many or as few hours as you like; we'll
assign people in 2-hour slots and do our best to work around other events you
want to participate in.

In addition to our undying gratitude, we can offer the following incentives:
All volunteers will receive a preproduction copy of *Tribes of the Heartless
Wastes* (laser printouts of the text--you'll see it before even the
typesetters do :) Those who volunteer at least 8 hours will receive a
"volunteer" badge that entitles them to free admission for all four days of
the game fair.

First and foremost, we need people who are reliable and able to work
unsupervised. We're trusting you to represent the Birthright setting and
encourage new players to try it. Nothing looks worse than a representative
who doesn't care--or who doesn't even show up. You should also have the
patience to work with novices--some of whom may have never played an RPG

Secondly, we need people who are familiar with Birthright and enthusiastic
about the setting (which is why we've come to you :) No, you don't have to be
able to quote word for word the rules for ley line formation or recite all
the blood abilities in alphabetical order. What you *do* need is a basic
knowledge of Birthright concepts and why they make this setting unique and
cool to play in.

Thirdly, all volunteers must attend a training session Thursday, August 7 at
8:00 a.m. so Ted and I can walk you through the demo before you have to run

That's it! We have only a few positions still open, so we can't guarantee
that everyone who offers their services will be chosen. But if you're
interested, please e-mail me (TSR with the following
1. Your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
2. Approximately how many hours you'd like to volunteer (we'll ask for
time-slot preferences later).
3. Any other information you think is pertinent (number of years gaming or
DMing, convention experience, or anything else that sets you apart. In other
words, tell me a little about yourself and why you're interested in helping
us out.)
4. Whether you are already on TSR's mailing list for Gen Con preregistration

Please contact me soon if you're interested. We'll review the applications
and get in touch with you. If you have any questions, just drop me an e-mail.

Thank you! Hope to see you all at Gen Con :)

Carrie Bebris