> > A while back on the list someone mention a birthright scenerio for
> > Civilization II. I was wondering if anyone had a copy they could send
> > me by
> > e-mail, having just bought Civ II last week.
> Wow! good idea... Send me a copy too please :-)

I made one a while back, but I deleted it when I got fed up with Civ II. =

BTW: If you get a copy from some other creative soul, remember this: The
anuireans have a *HUGE* advantage, since their start territory is mostly
fertlie plains and huge rivers which make expansion a piece of cake. The
Brecht=FCr, however, begin in tiny fjords among barren mountain regions -=
a great start in Civ II terms...

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Niels E. Wisth - Nudis Verbis