And if a foolish regent take all his courage and seize the throne without right, and
selfappointed Emperor, what can happen ?
For first Avanil is realistic the only one who can do such a thing, but if he'll do ?
Think about this, nowdays the great problem for regent who can mantain such a great army
to unite Anuire is that if they start gatering such an army all other regent will become
vigilant and hostile. But if someone like Avanil conquer the throne, all other regent
will fight against it, maybe would formed factions, those country with Boeruine and
those with Ghoere, Mhoried also can have a word in the matter. But these factions will
not fight among themself, so each one of them can raise army without causing others
preoccupation. After the throne is again free these regent will find with great army and
a military economic in their domain. The factions will surely fight against themself
because each of them may want the throne and have the army to take it. In a situation
like this the best one with the best forces of them will win and Anuire will have a new
The point is that if a pretender regent start raising an army now he will find all
Anuire against him, while in a situation after a civil war he already have a number of
domain allied, cause in time of war the factions need to be formed, and he won't find
all the rest against him, he'll find factions against factions.
So now a regent who try is doomed to fail, in that situatione one of them, the best,
will certainly win. Now whoever try Anuire will not have an emperor, in that situation
Anuire will have an emperor.
But Avanil'd never do such a thing. And that's why the Gorgon isn't trying to conquer
with an organized invasion Anuire, maybe he is tied in Battlewaite, but he has already
conquered country, so why he can't do the same in Anuire? Maybe because with he int (19)
and wis he know that one of the probabily consequence to an act of invasion is that all
Anuire will fight against him and maybe they will unite under the greatest lords, maybe
if the Gorgon attack Anuire would birth again.

What do you think ?

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