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>> >>BTW: Here in Norway, we find the Rjurik names to be quite amusing.
>> >>the city of druids in Halskapa "Odemark" (which means 'wasteland') has
>> >>caused a few laughs over here, and is just one of the examples. :)
>> >> Still, I guess that Germans laugh at the Brecht=B8r names, and
that the
>> >>arabs laugh at the Khinasi.
>> >
>> >Boy, I really hoped that I wouldn't accidentally come up with real
>> >German, Arabic, or Russian words by inventing combinations that
/looked/ like
>> >they belonged in those language groups. When I was building up the
library of
>> >BR placenames, I used a very detailed atlas of Europe and northern
Africa and
>> >started by picking out the names of out-of-the-way villages, mountains,=
>> >streams. Then I'd give them a slant by changing a little here, a little
>> >there, until they looked and sounded neat. So, if you ever need to=
>> >more names for these cultures, now you know how I did it!
>> >
>> >Rich Baker
>> >Birthright Designer
>> Would you consider releasing a supplement based on French culture, so us
>> francophones can have some fun too? ;-)
>> "Wasteland, the City of Druids". Neat!
>> Robin
>Seeeee, and why not italian ? Nor Greeks like ?
>I firmly think that Rjuriks, Brechturs, Khinasi, Vos and Anuireans are
similar to our=20
>real culture, but they are different culture. I've seen too often setting
full of=20
>kingdom exactly like our historical kingdom, but i never liked it. If you
want you=20
>can find Merovingian traits in rjurik, to not say normandianian. But i
think the best=20
>way is to think about rjuriks only as rjuriks. If you think, let's say to
>they'll surely become different from rjurik. Else you can add feature from
>culture if you want, but fro the line rjurik are not norvegian, or
vikings, or=20
>russian, they're only rjurik, so in BR there can be no place for a French
>Infact what make rjurik similar to most nordic european population is that
Rjurik is=20
>a nordic population. So this the same for why in Anuire there are a lot of
>much like the asburg empire, but these features is in common with frech
>let's say, at the age of Luigi XIV. If you an accessory who feature, to
say, Dumas'=20
>moschettieri (i don't know in english, maybe swashbuckler) you can make it
>yourself but to add to official Br it's too.
>Now, don't mind, i'm only joking. ;-)

I do agree with the relations, but keep in mind some major differences that
make Birthright an original and great roleplaying game venture for all to
play ( Their own races of Elves, Dwarves, halflings, and of course our
verry own set of gods and myths...). Unlike most of the people I have seen
here, I use Birthright mostly for role playing purposes, not as much for
regent actions.

I used to play in the GreyHawk world, and my favorite DM and best friend
and I were talking yesterday. There are already more things out there wich
have BirthRight on the cover than in the twenty odd years of GreyHawk. I
love both as an enjoyable role playing experience in wich I can gradually
set my Pcs running for new information. With the welth of information in
Birthright, I don't mind having names out of the dictionary, and who knows,
mabe I can find a role playing reason for the druidic city to have been
named "wasteland".

I think Rich Backer has done a terrific job of being prolific and quick
with his systems of information gathering/invention. =20

- ---> On that note, I'd like to know if anyone could point me to information
on the discreate race of the Dwarves of Cerilia. I seem to have bought
almost all of the DM accessories of BR and still cannot locate it (I
haven't read it all yet, but I'm getting there slowly).

Gregoire Alexandre Seguin.