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©"If a blooded character dies a natural death or perishes at the hands
©of a commoner, his bloodline is unaffected, and all his bloodline
©BR Rulebook pp 31
©So according to the rules, the only way for an unblooded character to
©get a bloodline is to participate in an investure ceremony.

Verry true. It is also possible, for campaing purposes, that a
character (especially a Player) be blooded without his knowledge. This may
be true especially with low levels of blood ability. Orphans are great to role
play in Birthright because you start out not knowing of your blood at all.
There isn't anyone to tell you where you come from, or some people may be
purposefully hiding it from you to usurp your power and prestige. Simply
think of a maiden who bares the sun of a baron who is blooded. The maiden
never tells the father and runs off to another province to hide her shame.
The poor player never knew where his blood came from. Hence the base for
many hours of good old Role Play.

Gregoire Alexandre Seguin
(Randis) gseguin@uottawa.ca