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    Jan P. M. Arnoldus


    Nadastor wrote

    > Jan P. M. Arnoldus wrote:
    > >
    > > While I was creating a database with the different holdings per province
    > > and country I stumbled over the unnamed province in Markazor.
    > > I remembered that awhile back on the list it was said that this province
    > > should be called Sideath. But that province already appears on the map in
    > > the Gorgon's Crown.
    > >
    > >
    > Can you let us know when you'll finish your database, if you think of make it
    > public would be of great help.
    > - --
    > Nadastor,
    I am not the first person who has been making a database.
    The subject has come up before on the list. I remember that erstwhile
    compiler saying that since all the holding levels and a few other things
    where included in his database it would be breaking the copywright of TSR
    by posting it.
    I think it would be wise to follow the same rule.
    If the guys at TSR didn't mind such things they would long ago have put
    their own database on the list (Hint hint hint)

    I'am Sorry

    Jan Arnoldus

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    > I'am Sorry
    > Jan Arnoldus

    Ok, your right, why then don't you upload it to mpng ?
    - --

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