Anuvier Iniere, Parnien is a friend of mine who traveled to Asia (Anuire) and told my Princess (Queen Donalls ) that forest-elephants and workers build there roads thorough the woods of Aerenwe. For i know these elephants originally come from india like the wood-phants of Karthago (Aduria-Aduire wich remains still anduirean exept the few masaetians who flew even to Caelcorwyn if you see the earth similar [transparent] to Cerilia). In my game Aerenwe is building at the beginning (after few turns) road into the forest where elves live (sorry i forgot the forests' name here). "Manslayer doesnt teleport to Seaharrow inmy game kiling Innes and Aeric Boeruine "

yours faithfully "King Ing'"