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Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Unnamed Province in Markazor

While I was creating a database with the different holdings per province
and country I stumbled over the unnamed province in Markazor.
I remembered that awhile back on the list it was said that this province
should be called Sideath. But that province already appears on the map in
the Gorgon's Crown.
There it is described as Sideath (2/7) Go2law HOA2temple Go2source.
But in the Tuarhievel sourcebook it is stated that the entire province is
only inhabited by one elven archmage who shifted the province to the
shadowplane in a war with the gorgon.
The unnamed province can't therefore be called Sideath.

Does anyone have the official name and stats for this province ?

A way to solve the problem would be like this
unnamed (Markazor) (2/7) Go2law HOA2temple Go2source
Sideath (Gorgon's Crown) (0/9) elvenmage9source

By the way other little errors in the books:
Ruins of Empire Diemed province Ciliene
GK3 should be under Guildholdings not Temple
Cities of the Sun Iron Hand Tribes
province Rivenrock should be named Cleftrock
(Rivenrock is in Baruk Azhik)

If anybody knows the name I'd be much obliged.

Jan Arnoldus

I posted this question a couple of months ago and everyone seem confused on
which province I was talking about and never did get an answer. I think the
province we are both thinking about(correct me if wrong) is on the North
western tip of Markazor, south of Bhindraith, west of Shattered Hills, N.W. of
Riverspring, N.E. of Torien's Watch and S.E. of Mountainsedge. The province
has the Stowncrown Mtns. passing through it and is covered in forest. Any
designers out there care to Field this One?
Eric Tighe